Minor-league lawsuit claims MLB fails to pay minimum wage to minor-leaguers

"Minor-league baseball players regularly work 60- to 70-hour weeks with only two or three days off a month, but they get no overtime pay. They receive only a $25 meal per diem — no salary — for the mandatory four to six weeks of spring training. Same goes for any instructional leagues they may be required to attend when their 140-game schedule ends.

Players are required to pay $5 per day in clubhouse dues for each home game

A handful of players receive six-figure signing bonuses in their first year, but many sign for $5,000 or less. So most players earn less than the federal U.S. poverty line, which in 2014 is an annual income of $11,670 for a single-person household.

How does a $9-billion industry like Major League Baseball get away with this?”

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models come to Coney Island

“Brooklyn Beach Party” a first of its kind at MCU Park on Coney Island when the Brooklyn Cyclones take on the Tri-City ValleyCats.

An array of Swimsuit models were on hand for the game including - 2014 cover model Lily Aldridge, Hannah Davis, Hannah Ferguson, Gigi Hadid, Chanel Iman, Ariel Meredith, Jess Perez and Adaora Akubilo.

The event took place as part of the Cyclones Annual Military Appreciation Night when the team distributed over 1,000 tickets to those who are serving and have served in our armed forces.

Photography by Gordon Donovan

The Trenton Thunder’s tribute to Chase, the team’s former bat dog, who passed away on July 10th

While there is little out there that can make me more depressed than this, it’s important to remember that Chase pretty much had the best life a dog could have, getting to spend plenty of time outside every day while being surrounded by thousands of people happy to see him. What more could a dog, or anyone really, ask for? 

(image via Trenton Thunder Facebook, h/t Stacey Gotsulias

IronPigs unveil new alternate ‘Bacon’ hat

It’s that magical time of the offseason. When all (sorry Ervin Santana and Kendrys Morales) free agents are signed, but teams haven’t started playing actual games. It’s that perfect window for minor league marketing efforts to ramp up, banking on the baseball fan’s directionless passion. 

Today, the Lehigh Valley IronPigs stepped to the fore, offering up their brand new alternate bacon hat that they will wear for all Saturday home games. But lest you think that these changes are simply cosmetic, please be aware that the Pigs will be wearing new uniforms where, the script ‘Pigs’ on the jersey top will be underlined with a strip of bacon and that the uniform pants will have ‘bacon piping’ going down the legs. That’s a phrase I never thought I’d be lucky enough to type: bacon piping. 

Check out all the uniform updates at (Yes, you read that right), and purchase your scratch and sniff bacon tees and bacon sweatpants at the IronPigs online shop