askthe01miku asked:

Hello fellow Cryptons! ノ^ω^)ノ゚ How well do all of you get along?

Mikumiku and friend get along greatly with each other!!!! For ex-

MEIMEI is very protective of Mikumiku and friends! MEIMEI looks out for us and is nice and makes yummy yummy cookies!! Mikumiku loves her very very much!!

RinRin doesn’t like people bothering her when she play video game!! RinRin also says she hates Mikumiku the most and calls mikumiku stupid but Mikumiku’s name isn’t stupid, it’s mikumiku!! LenLen says I should hate RinRin for what she did to me years ago but mikumiku doesn’t understand and RinRin doesn’t want to talk about it ;m;

MikuMiku still loves and takes care of RinRin because, deep deep down, RinRin loves MikuMiku more than anything else and MikuMiku knows it!!!

Lulu doesn’t interact with us anymore. MEIMEI says it’s because she’s still updating to V4x and is still processing information from her V2 MEIMEI says Lulu will be back to normal when she’s done!!

LenLen calls MikuMiku stupid like RinRin but Lenlen always takes it back! LenLen is very smart and helps mikumiku and others with vocal lessons and music notes and anything else!!

Bigtall KAITO is nice to all even Rinrin even though Rinrin trips Bigtall Kaito and makes fun of BigTall KAITO!! Bigtall KAITO doesn’t talk to anyone!! MEIMEI says it’s something wrong with his system that’s why Bigtall KAITO writes his words down or whispers in a secret voice to MEIMEI so she can tell people!!! Mikumiku looks up to Bigtall scaredycat KAITO for all he and MEIMEI has done for us!!!