mikeyabante replied to your post: One time I was seeing this guy and I called him…

dude kinda just makes someone sound like they’re being annoying or it’s just ‘friends’ i personally hate when people call me dude. i prefer mira.

no mira mira mira mira, i can see that but i said it like “I don’t know what you’re talking about dude.” and he got angry. It was weird, i wouldn’t mind if someone i was seeing called me dude

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Motivational Mikey: Insecurities

You might not feel like you’re ‘good enough’ but you’re better than that! Just remember to ‘flip your switch’ and you can save yourself and the relationships that mean most to you! :)

Stay Strong


I think I can see it now.

The way that you hold my hand and put your head on my shoulder.

The way you reassure me when i’m feeling down.

How proud you are to have me over even if your parents are around or tell your co workers about me.

Probably how you text me when you’re at work or right before you go to sleep.

Remember little details that I seem to always forget.

Or still put up with me when I am at my worse state. 

I understand now how the others didn’t work out for me, and maybe I mean more to you than I think I do. 

But you make me want to better myself every day and I can only wish to have the same affect on you. 

I see how you love me now.

or at least I think I do. 

Today was a good day for me.

so i was in the school newspaper with my brother and we totally rocked the picture. and jamie knew my birthday was a while ago but she made me a cake! A FREAKING CAKE! HOW NICE! IT WAS DELICIOUS AND I ATE MOST OF IT. AS YOU CAN TELL BY THE VIDEO POSTED. THANKS JAMIE! I feel pretty good about myself today and i feel pretty good too. Also, Sean (A very popular basketball player at our school) said hi to me today in the halls. it made me very happy. Today was a good day for me. and i won’t forget it. (: so thank you all for making today a good day.

Trying not to get bored. Because only boring people get bored.

But I’m awaiting for Theron to get off work so we can do crazy hoodlum stuff.

Also, Not shaving makes me look older and somewhat wiser and skinnier.

So I’m just going to keep on keeping on.