Transformative Action Summit


This weekend, three members of the Periclean Class of 2016 had the opportunity to attend the Summit for Transformative Action in Raleigh, NC. We spent three days in eye-opening, life-changing workshops, sessions, and lectures, discussing best practices for social entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and collaborative group work. We learned about effective methods for facilitating group collaboration and participated in activities to develop our own personal leadership and confidence. Saturday evening several Pericleans joined us for a networking party to meet some of our new colleagues and enjoy trapeze performances and a participant talent show at Cirque De Vol, also in Raleigh. This was truly a life-changing summit and we are so thankful for having had the opportunity to participate and meet amazing people. We’ve attempted to capture some of the best take-aways from the weekend below–we hope you enjoy!

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My pledge to Dallon Roy Mikesell

I will put that handsome, perfect, amazing smile on your face, everyday.

I promise to treat you with kindness, respect, appreciation and silliness.

I promise to participate in our relationship, even when it might be hard.

I promise to roll my eyes with you, and not at you.

I promise to make laughter an integral part of our family.

I promise to love you until I am extinct.

I will be there at your worst, and love you just the same as always.

I will challenge you, just as you challenge me.

I will support you, in every decisions you make, and every path you take.

When you’re feeling down, I’ll bring you back up.

I’ll please you, the best that I can, in every way possible;)

I’ll always care about you, your dreams, goals, feelings, family, life, fears.

I’ll make you laugh, with my corny stupid jokes and clumsiness.

I will watch sports with you, and root for the Broncos always.

I will try my best, in every aspect of our lives.

I will give you my heart, it is yours forever.

I will do things you wanna do, even if my fears cripple me, sometimes.

When you need someone to talk to, I’ll be right there, ALWAYS.

I will wipe your tears away and cradle you when ever you need it.

I’ll be honest, and never lie to you again.

I will be your very best friend, as you are mine.

I will play in the snow, l because you love it so much. (As long as you make me cocoa)

I will be devoted to you forever, and be your true friend.

I will never push you away emotionally, I will forgive you for everything.

I will sing silly love songs to you, write notes to you, and kiss you everyday.

When I say i love you, I will mean it. With every fiber of my being <3