Took me a while to hunt this one down.  The two track U.S. card sleeve CD singles lasted from 1992’s “Erotica” up through 1995’s “You’ll See”, after which Warner Bros. changed packaging to a card box with a plastic slide-out disc tray.  Generally speaking they did only one print run of each single while the maxi-singles remain in print.

Front cover photo by Paolo Riversi.  Back cover photo by Mike Penn.  Design by Greg Ross.


My friend Mike Penn’s song, one of his best so far!

CRASHprez - Paranoia (John Vietnam Cypher) (by CRASHprez)

52 Interesting People: Meet Mike Friedman of The Red Hen

If you are looking to dine at one of the hottest restaurants in all of DC, then look no further. We have found a spot that is far from pretentious, beyond delicious and is as comforting as our Italian grandmother’s cooking. We sat down with owner/head chef of The Red HenMike Friedman, to learn more about his cozy Italian restaurant and what it takes to run the establishment that all of DC can’t…

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Countdown To The NFL Draft: Notable #8 NFL Draft Picks

We are back with the countdown to the 2015 NFL Draft and we continue to commemorate the draft with our countdown of some of the most notable players ever drafted. Today we recognize the overall #8 picks. We have some players that you may or may not be aware of at the #8 spot. Here is the list:

  1. 1968 – RB Larry Csonka – Syracuse – Miami Dolphins
  2. 1979 – RB Ottis Anderson – Miami of Florida – Phoenix Cardinals
  3. 1981 – DB Ronnie Lott – Southern California – San Francisco 49ers
  4. 1982 – G Mike Munchak – Penn State – Houston Oilers
  5. 1986 – DE Leslie O’neal – Oklahoma State – San Diego Chargers
  6. 1993 – T Wille Roaf – Louisiana Tech – New Orleans Saints
  7. 1998 – RB Fred Taylor – Florida – Jacksonville Jaguars
  8. 2000 – MLB Brian Urlacher – New Mexico – Chicago Bears
  9. 2009 – DT B.J. Raji – Boston College – Green Bay Packers
  10. 2010 – RB C.J. Spiller – Clemson – Buffalo Bills
  11. 2012 – LB Luke Kuechly – Boston College – Carolina Panthers
  12. 2014 – DE/OLB Anthony Barr – UCLA – Minnesota Vikings

Obviously, this list was a little to tough to knock it down to ten, but hopefully you gained a little bit of information from it. we will return tomorrow with the notable #7 picks. The list gets better and better the closer we get to draft day.

The Mike Hull Bowl

The Mike Hull Bowl

AKA Penn State Blue-White Game

Mike Hall

The impression I got from watching BTN’s telecast of the Penn State spring Blue-White Game was that it was all about BTN and Mike Hall, one of its employees.  Fortunately, Matt McGloin was there to provide at least some Penn State relevance. But, for those of you who actually attended the game, you surely missed the wonder of Mike Hall’s stint as a trainee…

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