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How LIFE Has Changed

What were you doing 5 years ago? 

In the history of myLIFEspeaks, 5 years ago was a day that we look on with fondness and thankfulness.

5 years ago, Mike & Missy Wilson had just returned from a trip to visit Haiti. Here are some thoughts Mike has shared about those days.

Getting the news on New Year’s Eve 2009 was heartbreaking. As I was walking into a student conference in Nashville, TN, I was greeted at the door by Missy. She was in tears. All she could say was, “we HAVE to get to Haiti soon.” After a few moments I was fully agreeing with her. We DID have to get there. 

We had gotten word that the adoption that we were in the middle of had stalled. The judge in our case had decided we needed to appear before him. He had stated that he refused to move our adoption case any further until we showed up in his court room.

We hurriedly made plans and were on a plane within a couple of days. We went to Haiti to make sure everything was taken care of legally so our adoption could move forward. The judge’s courtroom was a small cinderblock building with some guards with pistol-grip shotguns and a small wooden desk. I remember being whisked into the room and in a matter of minutes things were over. The judge pushed a spiral notebook (yes, a SPIRAL NOTEBOOK) in our direction and laid a pen on top. We were told to sign on a line and then we were done. After an envelope with $20US was given to the judge, we were told things were now in order and we could expect to be bringing our little girl home soon. 

HOW CAN THIS PLACE OPERATE LIKE THIS??? That was all I could think of. My frustration level was over the top. I had just spent a few days in Illinois speaking to a group of teenagers, spoken in Nashville, and now I was riding and sweating in a 15 passenger minivan with Missy, Tia, Katie, and a driver. My sweat only added to the angry fire I had.

More to come tomorrow…