I’m starting to realize now that I loved the idea of Legend of Korra, but strongly disliked the show itself. The characters by themselves, the bender vs. non bender conflict, a journey in finding oneself, all of them were totally amazing ideas on paper. Unfortunately, the way it was executed left me pretty frustrated and disappointed. 

It just goes to show that a good story concept never means a good story. Stories such as Twilight and Glee had ideas, but were executed in such a poor fashion that they became infamous. The Legend of Korra is no different since it had a beautifully constructed world with a conflict that did not rely on black and white conflict. It even had a tough, female, brown protagonist to boot. Unfortunately, because the focus of the story was lost and the central conflict(s) fell apart, the story fell short.

Compare this to AtLA which relied on an old-as-dust concept of a group of superhuman kids banding together to save the world. While, in its simplest form, the show is overdone, in its entirety it is a moving tale that tells the stories of kids who are bearing the weight of a hundred-year war on their shoulders.

In the end, the concept is not what matters. Without a proper execution, the story is only revered for its potential.

So last night miikesobi asked for a link to my old 24 hour comic I did back in October!

“DO NOT ENTER” - a 24HCD comic by Crypticink

Hehe, looking back at it now all I can do is cringe and giggle at my mistakes. It was fun stuff though! Being at SAW was an amazing experience, even though I was too shy to really strike up an actual conversation the entire 24 hours I was in there with them haha. I’d definitely like to go back someday, totally. :)

Just thought I would let you know how you single-handedly caused me to improve in my art to where it is today. When I first saw your stuff during the summer(I think it was Bolin and Korra fanart), I fell in love with the style, and desired to emulate it. But by doing this, I noticed how badly my art actually was in comparison. Everything was either off or odd looking, and I wondered why. That’s when I decided the only way to portray your style properly was to start from the basics, and set out to study anatomy to better what I had so far(which wasnt much, my grasp of the human body was terrible). I bought a 200 page sketchbook, drew everyday, and studied anatomy. When I finally finished, yesterday exact, I realized that I improved so much, and to this day if I hadn’t seen your lovable, expression-filled drawings, I would still probably be stuck with the crap I had before. Although I will never achieve your exact style, I just purchased a 210 page sketchbook yesterday in a quest to improve as much as possible. So, to say the least, thank you so much!

Let me start by saying that I had the biggest, goofiest smile on my face the entire time I read this and I am still having trouble finding words… Oh my gosh, I’m just.. wow! I’m really happy I could inspire you to be what you are today and I wish that you never stop improving, be the absolute best you can be! Even I started out very self-taught - looking at styles and artists I enjoyed most and even if my style is really more of a blend, we always bring our own originality to our work. It’s really touching to see some of my same beginings in the hard work you’ve been doing and I hope you go far some day <3

msobes asked:

What influences your art style? Love the work you do :)

Oh! Thank you very much~

I draw inspiration from a lot of places, but the most influential woud have to be Bryan Lee O'Malley (Scott Pilgrim), Walt Disney, and Skottie Young (The Wonderful Wizard of Oz). But those are the artists I pull from who are professionals.

I’m insired by many other lesser-known artists like tumblr’s own Aisha Thani (Warrior-U webcomic) and many other style points from other works of art I come across. I like to think my personal style is just a big blend of everything I like from multiple styles. Unfortunately that also means it’s always changing, depending on what’s influencing me the most.

msobes asked:

Just a little question here. Do you assign who we make the gifts for or do we pick? And if we do how do we tell you and whatnot

There is no claiming. The mods will pick your Secret Santas. We match accordingly to wishes. We’ll discuss this and get back to you.

For now, the plan is a mod will contact every participant with the identity of who their giftee is.

miikesobi said: whaaaat no way! i only saw 3, but i guess it depends which ones you go to.

totally did! im tired as all hell and my feet hurt but i did it!! i was shocked bc i expected to see like 5 at the MOST

i got there SUPER early (like 2 hours before it opened) and waited, so i was at the start of the line, and also rushed to the big name schools like pratt, risd, etc. so that i wouldnt have to wait for those later. 

i also had my family come and hold places in lines for me.