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16. Zoo date


"Miiiiiiiiiike~! Come on! Come on! We’re gonna miss the elephants~!" the little ghost hollered at the man. She floated her way over to look at the elephants, having a hard time seeing over everyone.

Mike couldn’t help, but laugh a little at her,” I guess it must be tough being a little on the short end, huh?” he teased, sticking his tongue out a bit. 

Mari rolled her eyes, floating up a bit more,” Uggghhh! Everyone’s so tall~!” she whined, leaning against Mike,” I won’t be able to see the baby elephants!”

Mike couldn’t help, but frown a little bit, looking over and easily seeing the elephants with their young. She was looking forward to this all week and he just couldn’t let this past by. Hmmm…

"You can sit on my shoulders then, Mari" He suggested, looking down at her to give a little smile," I know…how much you were looking forward to this."

She looked up to him, feeling her cheeks heat up a bit,” R-really? I..I’m kinda heavy, Mikey…”

Mike shook his head, kneeling down for her to get on,” I doubt it. You should be lighter now than ever. Now get on~.”  Mari couldn’t help, but feel her heart swell up a little bit as she went ahead and sat on Mike’s shoulders, holding onto his head as he slowly stood up and adjusted himself to the new added weight to his shoulders.

"Can you see them now?"

"Yeah. They’re just as cute as I thought they would be, Mikey~!"