baby got work miie home alone -.-” hahaha eat 🍪🍪for breakfast lunch hahaha lucky baby got buy my dinner -.-” donno he so late =phahaha whold morning i see drama tt no more liao jiu play fly fly till almost slp -.- tt jiu see fb till my eye blur hahaha n babt come back hahahaha tt c show le tired slp liao hee hee


mc day wake up go c doc tt buy you tiao n swt potato tt come back clean the floor tt c my show hee hee tt wait baby come back hahaha he today early lay hahaha he go running hahaha tt miie go on with my show till late night hahaha n slp hahahah wht a day hahaha


hmmm pckin pckin hmm william ask miie tml take mc -.-” i orh lor hmm sian arh hahahaha but also good cos i don like to wash hahaha buy baby body wash toothpaste come back wash clothes n hang still wash toilet bowl hahaha tt see show till i slp


hmmm need to go home so sian -.- open 22ctn milk wah so many -.-” lucky no need packing n lucky aft lunch not i stand machin lor hahaha hmm if he every day put our lunch at this timing best lor can on time eat hahaha but will nv have de sian wah head home de train so many ppl de y up fare but nv upsize lor hmmm wah fat fat de miie two day nv shit liao sian donno wht wrong man -.- the shit like addin weight hor -.-” tonight no baby hmmm sian k end here le bye~~


hmmm today gg home lor sian hor but i tell myself go back take baby de socks lor hahaha get baby de pants tt head home yeah sock come liao hahaha pa say Friday jiu come liao lor hahaha tt pa ask miie eat tibits omg fat die miie liao hmmm tt faster slp wanna faster rch tml so i can see my love hahaha =p pack my bag n light out hahaha


hee hee wake up at abt 830 hmmm should be but we lazy all the way till 10 + -.-” hee hee when to eat fish manhattan hmmm like not as nice lay hmm baby say this outlet no good hmm next time bring miie go another place eat hee hee he say he wanna cook i say i don wan eat i wan cut my dinner liao I WAN SLIM DOWN but i need cut down my dinner so will not let fat grow n stay there at nigth jia you i must slim down so i will not look so fat when im with him =p hee hee now he doin exercise miie lazy on bed blogin hmmm how am i gg to slim like this lay??? haizzz lazy pigu -.-” later sis they all comin how how -.-” hahaha just now mop floor liao hahaha n bath liao hee hee ok i wan go c the yoga app =p thinkin do yoga =p


hmmm auntie nv come tired die miie sian where got ppl so high speed still wan nice come n tell miie y like this how am i gg tell u cos u put the speed to fast ?? arrr hmmm sian lah don care wah baby very early come back liao he end work early lay hmmm wanna cook for him buttt he say don wan eat what?? hmm sian liao lor i think he scare my cookin bah. hmmm or i put too many ✈️✈️liao hmm get on bed very early he lor slp so fast so i also go slp lor he 10+ got wake up miie just don care hahaha he say i so good slp is I choose to slp n don care hahaha =p wht an early night hahaha


yeah today gg baby house hahaha somemore the delivery comein so kan chiong lor end up faster fly back tt later the ppl come sign liao pay liao bring to room take out everything take a photo let baby see liao faster go bath very hot lor -.-” tt at bathroom baby text ask the flavor tt i bath hao take another photo for him tt i start lookin hmm y the ser one is 71 one is 74 hmm look at the wight same lay hmmm as i was playin my game n search for some ans i saw the QR code so i go DL the app for QR code lor loadin slow slow slow n i look wait the bottle is open hmm one is not n one have logo the other don hmm when baby come back i tell him he say y nv tell him earlier hmmm y nv check got prob don sign liao but i… hmmm sry i 1st time wait for delivery so sry i will be careful de lucky baby no scold miie =p careless arh miie blur blur cannot like this de haizzz


gg home day hmmm sian arh … wah aft lunch i need to go packin sian lor cold n im still havein flu n is getting better but gg in again means will get worse hmm haizz end up really the flu come back again tt aft work still so heavy rain wait n wait still so heavy n tt end up shoe wet in train leg cold how the flu gg to be ok ?? when back tell ma don buy my dinner i wan slim down =p she cut fruit for miie eat liao go bath they heard miie coughing n pa gib miie hard liquor drink he say will ok de really aft drink it stop coughing the whold body warm up hahaha tt i say tt work time cough can drink hahaha i really 酒鬼 -.-” hahaha but ytd nv drink lot just one shot like this but the liquor very good kind smooth lor hahaha pack my bag tt when to bed so nice to slp =p i think is the liquor bah =p


y am i soooo sooo stupid… always wan him tell miie wht to get cant i have any idea what to do or buy hmmm n this is making him angry all the time sry baby for my stupid i love u muack


wake up blur hahaha like im always blur de lay but i don wan go home today but have to sian i miss my love so much lah when to work but nv know late lunch again kill miie again but this time really feel some tin at the stomach lor i hate it lor the feel like arhhh y must he let us so late eat -.- aft lunch pour milk lor open till left 6pkt -.- now at home lor just now had my dinner with pa lazy now -.- i miss my love lor he when jogging liao im so sian now =p