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Chi sono i tuoi amici o amiche che sei particolarmente affezionata o anche che sei affezionata non particolarmente?

Alla prima parte avevo giá risposto, ma come avevo detto oltre che ai miei amici a distanza le mie due ancore di salvezza si chiamano Chiara e Alessia. Invece se non lego non li definisco miei amici…bhe i miie vecchi compagni posso bellamente bruciare nel fuoco, con tanto amore ovviamente:)


datein day yeahhh hahahaha we when to eat bah kuh tay hahaha still got pig leg Oo hahaha yummy lay hee hee tt wait for out movie start so we got 2 hr wat ?? so long omg faint so we walk all the way to donno where lah n there only got aft shop -.-” cannot shoppin-.-” tt we go ntuc lor -.-” buy an icecream eat is so yummy lor hahaha baby bad lor when ever i eatin the last mouth that he tell miie he wan to eat -.-” is like in my mouth liao-.-” wanna feed him he don wan -.-” tt i eat all up lor bleah aft the movie we head home i when to bath when i came out he say he wan go running oO y no tell early T.T i bath hao tt say -.-” haizzz should have stop miie wat… rah rah …. don care make tea drink rah … tt late slp cos slp alot liao hahahaha keep bully him wahahahaha


hmmm i must be crazy hahahahaha even 100g i also on so fast till no tray n trally but y ask miie stand where there is no tray n trally -.-” hahaha i one ppl 8k there two ppl 9k only -.-” which mean one ppl one take abt 4.5k hmmm slow-.-” baby wan eat mac so i when to buy lor hahaha but i have eaten bread at work place liao -.-” he also wan i eat -.-” fat die miie liao arhhhh hahaha but hor like every one say i slim liao -.-” donno think so lor heeheehee get to see baby today happy kid hahaha


go home day sian arh today wah where got ppl at packin room wrap tray de cold die miie o but tt still wrap alot -.-” hmmm donno y when ever i gg back day baby will always tell miie something tt will always wan to see his face expressions de baby arhh y is not ytd or the day b4 tell miie de ?? hmm nv eat dinnet jiu go home liao wanna pack room but no mood liao so i sit sit lor text text n tt eat tibi lor -.-“


today wah so good know to stop mixing let us have lunch 1st but nv know come back still need to stand -.-” tt nvm still need to open milk -.-” if tml nv come milk no liao -.- rain so big when i rch amk lor today baby buy dinner hmmm maybe should have cut down dinner hor like waste money-.-” no good n fattening-.-” hahahaha today baby slp b4 miie hahahaha cute


someone come to fix machine hmm still the old one but this time like bring boss come -.-” but hor still not ok lor when i end work hahaha funny arh wasted my time lor was opening milk de tt keep half way need stand machine almost cannot finish lor the last call nv go let miie finish my work lah not as free as them lay -.-” donno will fix ok mah-.-” when to buy nut n tibits wahahahahaha as i gg back at bishan baby also here wahahaha wait him go back tgt he say wanna eat mac -.-” tt i go back lor he wanna shit he help miie take back the nut n tibits lor i go buy -.-” tt go back bath liao eat tgt lor n tt baby say tv can go on YouTube oO he on show see hahaha nv know he come back early today happy to see him hahahaha miss him so much hahahaha


monday -.- v sian … hmm boring every day same old tin way too boring no meaning at all this is not i waned lor money no much work till like donno what still wht u done ppl got word say just waiting only but this waitting feel so long lah -.-“donno when can i have time to pack miie room when?? I think I got time just not enough only gg back home lor today monday wat one week nv go back liao last week should have come back maybe got time pack hmm donno lah sian all the way ….


today wat a day no work wake up also donno do wat no ppl at home i all the way look at ipad c show lor boring?? yah ofcos best part the show i stop for like 3mth hmmm i also forget which guy do wat who is bad n who is good -.-” haizz nvm lah but jiu one day i see 10+ ep liao power arhh i see till eye also blur lor one day just one day eye will spoill lor boring sunday im lazy just so lazy how could I be so lazy? haizz pig also not as lazy as miie arh … -.-“


wah wat a day so now know the power of tear but too bad nth on miie n the tear of urs is just showing how weak are u the truth is there ppl with eyes can see not by sayin hey she nv help up all the shit if i nv help how on earth am I picking so much more tray tt u urself wanna slowly de is not miie the dough u press le still can press again n keep pressin but the best part the dough don even look diff b4 n aft press so y wast time doin it letin all the dough drop? i just doin wht u done n u cry cos u saw urself or ? u should be sad to see urself not every tin u say is right nor wht i done but wht i know is if u willin to try i will help if not sry u can go on with all ur cryin tin i don give a dam as for miie i will not let ur dough drop since u say i nv help i only will let my drop happy? yah think u should lovin it hur n lets see wht on earth u can say this time round oh btw if im at this age n seein wht i cant do to help i will not even give any prob just find something tt i can handle is not abt face is all abt wht shit u have givin to other


today monday soooooo blue 😰 baby wake up so early hmmm text miie b4 i text him i was happy he wake up early but nv know the next text hang miie -.- he smoke back how could this be have been so long liao how can he give up on all the hard work ? wht i worry most still the tin cos him now hope is not so bad really need to keep an eye on him all day long textin him chatin hope he will not so stress I should go home today but nv so wantin to see him i when up him place n waited gor him to rch home chat with him ask abt wht happen wanted go back aft chat but he asked miie to stay so i tell him tt u should text or call my pa ma let them know he texted pa n so i stay love u always