Characters: Tulio and Miguel
Appear in: Road to El Dorado
Commonly Interpreted as: Straight (or gay by fandom)

But Really: Tulio and Miguel have both shown attraction to women and at the same share a close and intense relationship with each other.

Throughout the movie they repeatedly call each other “partners” and are shown to be practically inseparable. They even go as far as bathing together naked. There are also several scenes when subtle body language and gestures between the characters suggest a higher level of intimacy. When Miguel discovers Tulia and Chel had an affair behind his back, he reacts with anger and jealousy. Tulio and Miguel split up and spend some time pretending they don’t care any more. However, they finally decide they can’t leave El Dorado without each other. The movie ends with Tulio, Miguel and Chel riding into the sunset to start a new life together.

It was confirmed that in the first script Miguel and Tulio were supposed to be lovers. Their voice actors even recorded their lines together in a studio in order to make the dialogue between two characters feel more natural. Though Dreamworks later scrapped the concept of having these two as a couple, some clues remain in the original subtitles, where Miguel frequently calls Tulio, “Darling.” (Mod Edit: Here’s a link to an article regarding the use of ‘darling’ in original script.)

All this led some fans to see Tulio and Miguel as cryptically gay. This interpretation, however, ignores both men’s canonical attraction to Chel as well as Tulio’s and Chel’s short-lived romance behind Miguel’s back.

Thanks, soverylittlehoneybee, for this submission.