I didn’t get hired because I have a manageable chronic condition

Went in for a job interview and after looking at my work history the interviewer asked me why I quit my last job.  Stupid me, I was honest.

I was working as a caregiver and I told my then boss that I can’t work an evening shift (ends at 11 pm) followed by a morning shift (starts at 6am).

First of all: This is ILLEGAL

Secondly: He chose not to listen and did it anyway.

During my three months of employment as a caregiver I had to visit prompt care twice and was given drugs THAT MADE IT WORSE.  

The next job she saw I had left was also for medical reasons.  

I had a university job which by law you cannot work your employees more than 20 hours per week.  I was working 40-60 hours per week and getting paid for 20.  I had a full class load and though I ended up in the ER and was incredibly sick the next day, and somehow my boss was mad at me.  She broke the law and I wasn’t getting paid.