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OMG!!! I'm dying over that ONTD article. The comments are incredibly rude but quite frankly too true to go against. I mean "Did he get lost on his way to go buy more beers?" It's honestly too true to say otherwise. I'm just beyond glad that he looks like he actually showered and shaved in these new pics. ~newbiejoshiferanon

Oh man, that article, pretty much my reaction. Where in the fandom, we are just downright worried about him, outside they were no-holds barred in the comments. Maybe he didn’t think he was going to be doing a photo-call so that’s why he didn’t spiffy himself up? He might not have been prepared for official photos. 

But yeah, look at Joshy, looking mighty fine and back in the states having a good time. I mean watch out ladies because he brought out the smolder again!