Noel and Julian Interview - BBC - Has Noel's hair been valued?

NOEL:  Has it been valued?  It’s insured yeah.

INTERVIEWER: Is it?  And is it covered for theft and fire damage?

NOEL:  Well, yeah, it had to be because there’s a lot of fire in the show. And I use a lot of hairspray, it’s no secret.  I use probably seven or eight cans a day.  And, erm, so we had to be really careful.  There’s a lot of scenes around fires for some reason aren’t there.  There’s a fire in the desert.


NOEL:  Quite a lot of fire scenes.  Fire in a log cabin.  So obviously the two…  We didn’t want a Michael Jackson incident to occur, so, yeah, it’s insured.  Half a million.  (Turning to Julian)  Your hair’s not insured at all is it?

JULIAN:  Yes it is.


JULIAN: Twelve pence.

NOEL: Twelve fifty.  You get some Boots vouchers back don’t you, if your hair goes up.

JULIAN:  Yeah.  Some WHSmith vouchers if my hair goes up in flames.

NOEL:  But there was a wig of my own hair, so, could have made the switch probably and no-one would have known.  Everyone thinks my hair’s a wig anyway.  It’s the first question, fans always come up and go “Is that real?” and grab it and I go “Ow, yeah it is”.


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anonymous said:

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WHAT, oh my god, i’m praying that this is a legit source! where’s this from, if I may ask? and thank you so much for sharing this! 

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Noel and Julian Interview - BBC - Are you anything like your characters?

NOEL: But there’s a big crossover.  I like jazz.  Julian likes sweets.

JULIAN: I like pop music and sweets.  Bright colours.  And err…umm.

NOEL:  I suppose there’s a bit of both of them in both of us really.  But, um, they’re pretty similar to how we are in real life.


NOEL:  In a way.

JULIAN:  I’m obsessed with jazz, and..

NOEL:  (Nodding) You’re obsessed with jazz fusion aren’t you.  I’m obsessed with Mick Jagger.


NOEL:  And chewy sweets.

(Julian burps)

JULIAN:  My sausages are coming up on me again.

(Both laugh)

Off camera Person1:  I knew it was going to happen.  

Off camera Person2:  It was a risk wasn’t it?

NOEL:  No-one has sausages before an interview.

JULIAN:  I just wolfed down a load of sausages.

(Noel laughs)

NOEL:  See Vince would never eat sausages.  Vince eats Flying Saucers.