might do more off work soon

Another commercial down.

Who knows how many more to go? This isn’t exactly what I want to do with my life, but I don’t hate it yet so I guess that’s something. I do need an entire day off to spend in bed though, and not alone, but I guess that’s too much to ask for when my girlfriend is either working at the diner every day or rockin’ some stage every other night. There has to be a vacay in the works soon or I might actually cut a bitch.

Mythal - the Great Protector - 6 of 8! Based on the mosaics of the Elven Pantheon found in Dragon Age Inquisition. She did her hands full of little baby elves but I just couldn’t make that work convincingly sooo since she created the moon I did that instead :) 

2 more to go! I’m thinking I might re-do some of Ghilan’nain though as I don’t think it’s quite up to par with the rest (I did finish it up while I was super ill too and my judgement and energy were way off at the time) but I’ll do that once I’ve finished Sylaise and Elgar’nan! I’m fairly close with those two so HOPEFULLY I can finish this series soon… *phew* 

Hello! I was going to reply in an ask or fanmail, but I think you might have them turned off or maybe I’m just terrible at tumblr (which is very likely).

I don’t have an actual website yet, although I do plan on signing up for something like squarespace soon and spending an evening doing something that looks a bit more professional with a store and the whole shebang.

Right now, the “easiest-to-navigate” and, perhaps, most “professional” place you can see my work is my behance page. All work is grouped together in separate portfolios so one doesn’t have to endlessly scroll just to see everything. I also keep it updated with show schedules, my artist statement, and whatnot, so at the moment it’s sort of my stand-in for an actual website.

Alternately, you can check my work out on facebook, if you wanted yet another page to ‘like’.

I’m also on society 6 (though barely, and probably not for too much longer), and Instagram (which is more works in progress, and miscellaneous crap than scanned images).

When I *do* finally get around to doing a legitimate website, trust me, I’m going to be blasting the URL everywhere for quite some time, and probably annoy everyone who follows me. :p
I’ll still be posting here though, and at that point I might even be more active; posting more things that aren’t necessarily art related.

Thank you for asking, and thank you for checking out my work!

So I want to start doing streaming more because I like playing games when other people are around, but I don’t have a lot on my PS4 at the moment.

Right now I have MGSV: Ground Zeroes, the Final Fantasy 14 trial and DC Universe Online, but I should be getting some more stuff on there soon.

I’m not sure how well streaming an MMO will work out. I know pretty much nothing about DC and downloaded DC Universe Online just to have something on the console, but I might stream myself goofing off in it? Maybe let you guys build and name my character? As for FF14 I’m probably going to do the free trial next week so I’ll see if that’s easy to stream too!

So if you guys wanna watch me be bad at video games here is my channel. I’ll probably post on here when I stream and my twitter should auto-tweet whenever I go live.

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You doing better? :)

Not really. I truly dont think Ill ever not be sad about all this. But then again, who knows what the future holds. So many things can change in one day, that I dont know what to think.

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[[Headed off for the night. I’ll hopefully do some replies this weekend. I’ve barely had enough motivation to do work for my classes, let alone to do anything on here. Hopefully that’ll change soon but it might be slow for a bit. Tomorrow I’ll maybe make a list of the threads that I owe to make sure I didn’t misplace any. If anyone who just started following wants a starter feel free to let me know. I can probably throw something together.]]

Entry #9

It’s been a while but as i said in entry 8 I’ve got good news 

- academy was payed in full got that off my ass

- got a new job with good pay just need to get more hours

- rumor has it i might be going to china soon if Sifu thinks i’m ready all that whopping my ass has payed off he’s been giving me a lot of new stuff to work with.

- struggling in one class at school but i just need to get my mind on it and knock out the assignments i have backed

- she’s gone i think about her a lot but i’m happy that she’s happy, and successful doing her own thing on the other side of the world i have a lot on my plate myself so it’s just not the right time

as i said things do get better Thank God.

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So it's not that bad that they said no. You just have to keep on sending the script to some more agencies, but I'm sure you know that already. ^^

No it’s not, although the rejection does suck.And I will do, I might start working on another to send off soon ^-^ I might now it, but other people telling me does help with the motivation. So thank you ^-^

Self-Para ll What The Lord Wants ll Lycanthropy Part 1

- 3 months ago -

Antonin had been worked to the bone. Recruiting more than hundreds of men, killing double that amount, and manipulating many into joining the cause or donating to it. He couldn’t remember a night where he had more than three hours of sleep, a week where had had more than twenty hours of sleep. 

It had been months like this now, but tonight it might all pay off. No one knew what he was doing, most people saw him less and less, but he knew things would be normal soon. Tonight, the Dark Lord had called upon him, and he would finally be let go back to England after months in Russia, or so he thought.

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