Anime Midwest

Anime Midwest was really fun. I had a really great time! :’D But I couldn’t go today. Oh well at least I went Friday and Saturday. I was Terezi on Friday and I was really happy because I got so many compliments. I mostly hung out with people and stuff. I went to the panel I really liked it. The photoshoots were pretty good. But the one I really liked was on Saturday night. Saturday I was Nepeta (hatless) I also got really good compliments that day. :3 I talked to a lot of people and took pictures. (I’ll post them soon.) Overall I had fun and I can’t wait for the next con I’m going to to cosplay and hang out with people again. ;D

Whoo! I got back from Anime Midwest! I was a Hungary from Hetalia on Friday (I went to the first Hetalia Panel that day, I think it was titled “Love and War”) and I was Trickster!Jane Saturday (yesterday) and today. I went to the Homestuck photoshoot today and I almost died of all the compliments that were thrown out there to me and the Trickster!Nepeta. A few people gave me hugs and wanted pictures too. I wish I had a sewing machine to make a better cosplay, but I had to improvise *cough I-Might-Get-One-Soon cough*

If you saw me, please tell me!