Recap: Midstress, Horrible Things, Sleepyhead, Strong City, and Boilerman

by Adam Barnett
Lately, I’ve been growing tired of the typical “indie rock” live show experience. While everything usually sounds great, and I’m seeing a band I really love, shows are typically low-key and involve head-nodding, artsy-ness, and a crowd that takes everything way too seriously (and often times, I’m a member of that crowd). So when I heard about a punk/pop-punk show at The Red Herring, taking place on a Sunday night, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to inject some much-needed, blatant fun into a show-going history filled with art pop and whatever else I tend to get myself mixed in with.

Featuring locals Midstress and Horrible Things, out-of-town acts Sleepyhead (St. Paul, MN), Strong City (Cedar Falls, Iowa), and Boilerman (Chicago), this punk rawk show delivered exactly what I needed to pull myself out of this tired, cynical state I find myself entering as 2012 approaches its last months. For me, pop punk encapsulates two concepts:

  1. A chance to reminisce and go crazy doing so
  2. Songs that are, essentially, all the same song. But, since that song is really great and a whole mess of fun, you can listen to it over and over again and never grow tired of it.

Pop punk seems to be a state of mind, and so even if I’m out until 1:30 a.m. on a Monday morning, with a class to get to by 9, I’m still in a good place to boogie hard and get through the rest of the day.

Watch on midwestrep.tumblr.com

Midstress, punk out of Champaign, IL

played with these guys recently, loved it
You should download their music.
great for interstate drives on a sunny day 


This happened at the Velvet Elvis last week. Just because the last band played doesn’t mean shit