Pictures pictures everywhere!

I just uploaded 461 pictures from Caradoc Hold’s Yule and 104 from Twilight Peak’s Midreign to my hard drive.  To be fair, I didn’t play at all at Caradoc and only didn’t play a little at Twilight Peak.  I told Caradoc that I’d have theirs this week, but I’m also going to do Twilight Peak’s.  There was this silly thing called dead week inbetween them and then finals week after Yule.  So tomorrow I will probably start going through pictures and such.  And then Christmas morning (my family is doing Christmas on the Eve this year).  I know I got some really good ones just from the review on the camera, so I can’t wait to see them full screen!

Also, I’m participating in a 365-day picture challenge, Solstice to Solstice.  I’ll also be posting mine here :).  So far, so good!  I’ve remembered to take pictures both days so far.  Go me.

Also, merry Christmas Eve!!

The Quest for Wizzy's Phylactery - Part 2

(Written by the Questmaster, Sir Nathanial - reprinted from the Northern Empire forums.)

The second part in the quest series for Wizzy’s Phylactery took part in Twilight Peak today, at Twilight Peak’s midreign.

Before starting going over what happened today, I’d like to thank my three great NPCs, Bear and Maus for being my monsters and traps and Raiyta helping me setup rooms as I had the PCs busy in another area.  Also I’d like to thank Reigh for helping me with the introduction and Aylanda for helping me setup the questing area before everything began.

This quest was a timed quest which was to be scale-able based on PC group sizes.  Each PC had three options as motives to quest:  To get the phylactery to destroy it, to get the phylactery to hand it back to Wizzy or to get the phylactery for their own purpose.

No one quested for the phylactery for themselves.  The groups ended up being 4 PCs (later joined for the final fight by another) questing to destroy the item and 2 PCs questing to recover it for Wizzy, including Wizzy himself.

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So excited!!  Passed my reeve’s test last night (with an 89!!) so that I can run for an office TOMORROW.  Yupp.  I wants to be chancellor.  But I’m running against someone :(  Gah.  Oh well, either of us I wouldn’t mind :)

Tonight is actually midreign prep for me.  Cleaning the apartment for overnight guests and last minute garb making so I don’t look like a complete idiot with my halloween costume (which was Astrid from How to Train Your Dragon, by the way).  It works for a while, but I feel the need for something a little different.

We’re in Georgia for a midreign right now
I’m missing Megacon for the first time in 4 years bc when it came down to it, girlfriend and I decided it would be more fun/less expensive, and we’d see more friends

Eight hour drives are fun, packing/unpacking is fun, but being eight hours away from home and completely unable to sleep all night is not fun
I’m homesick and I left my stuffed animal - that’s been brought on trips since I was a newborn - at home.

I feel awful and the day hasn’t even fully started.

Bright side - the air here is SO NOT HUMID. It’s great. Feels nice and not-hot. Georgia 1, Florida 0.

//Also I’m lonely and someone should chat w me tbh I’ll just give you my damn phone number so we can text I’m soooo bored