poѕιтιonѕ ιn вaѕĸeтвall
pнanтoм player - кυяσкσ тєтѕυуα
ѕмall ғorward - кιѕє яуσυтα
ѕнooтιng gυard - мι∂σяιмα ѕнιитαяσ
power ғorward - ασмιиє ∂αιкι
cenтer - мυяαѕαкιвαяα αтѕυѕнι
poιnт gυard - αкαѕнι ѕєιʝūяō

KnB Characters Meet Free! Characters!

Akashi meets Mikoshiba: It’s the battle of the Seijuros!

Akashi: “So… we both have red hair, we were both the captain of a high school sports team at some point, and we even share the same name. What a coincidence.”

Mikoshiba: “Well, our names are written differently…”

Akashi: “Whatever. SPG clearly doesn’t know her Japanese.”

Akashi: “Anyways, there can only be one Seijuro. I propose that we settle this with a one-on-one basketball game.”

Mikoshiba: “Eh… what about a swimming race?”


Mikoshiba: “SWIMMING RACE.”

Midorima meets Rei: ?

Rei: “I think we have a lot in common.”

Midorima: “We have nothing in common. Please go back to your swimming anime and leave me alone.”

Rei: “Well, for one, we both practice very hard. And another thing is, we both care a lot about our friends and teammates. I care about Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai and Nagisa-kun like you care about Takao-kun.”

Midorima: “I-I don’t care about Takao!”

Rei: “How can you say that, Shin-chan-san!?”

Midorima: “Shin-chan-san!? Where did you get that?”

Midorima: “I just”

Midorima: “NO.”

Murasakibara meets Nagisa: It’s a battle for the snacks!

Murasakibara: “Eh… you’re so tiny, it makes me want to crush you…”

Nagisa: *spots Murasakibara’s snacks* “Wow! Where did you buy that? It’s my favorite brand of cookies!”

Murasakibara: “DON’T YOU DARE COME NEAR IT.”

Nagisa: “Share, Mura-chan! Don’t be a meanie!”

Murasakibara: “Don’t call me Mura-chan!”

Kiyoshi meets Sousuke: Many feels are felt

Kiyoshi: *crying* “I feel you man, I totally get it!”

Sousuke: “O-oi! Don’t cry!” *pat pat*

Sakurai meets Nitori: They bond instantly for some reason.

Sakurai: “H-hi! My name is Sakurai Ryou… though I should probably let you introduce yourself first because you’re a guest at KnB Lists… sumimasen! Sumimasen!”

Nitori: “That’s okay! My name is Nitori Aiichirou, and, uh… I annoy my senpais sometimes, too, but I work hard and contribute a lot to my team!”

Sakurai: “Really? Same here! We’re gonna be great friends!”

Hanamiya meets Makoto: It’s the battle of the Makotos… except no battling happens.

Makoto: “So you’ve got a girly name too?”

Hanamiya: *twitching*

Makoto: “And you’ve even got Hana- in your last name! That’s so cute!”

Hanamiya: *twitches harder*


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YESS it open😁! GOM+kagami relationship headcanons,

(I wanted to take the time to say that I co-wrote this with a potential co-admin, Marls. I think there might just be two admin’s in this blog’s future ;P )


  • He’s actually rather cool and collected around you at first. Kuroko sports a mad pokerface, only occasionally showing the lightest of smiles. But, as time goes on and the two of you grow closer, he lets you see more and more of his emotions. Whether he’s happy or upset, you get to see it. He lets you see his happiest smiles and even his tears, which is something he doesn’t share with most people.

  • He’s not too physical with you at all. Kissing is nice, but it’s not his favorite. Being near you is enough so sitting together with your sides pressed against each other is a pretty nice study date for him.

  • Claiming you in public won’t be easy for him, especially when it’s hard for him to get noticed as it is. Then again, that’s not really his style anyway. Rest assured you’ll know you’re his when he gets you alone. You were the first person to see him without him having to make the first move. He’s going to make sure it was worth it.


  • The average date consists of Kagami trying to show off somehow. Usually, because he prefers one on one time with you, he’ll either take you to his apartment and cook for you or he’ll take you down to a basketball court and actually play you one on one.

  • Although he’s a giant dork and gets flustered whenever he accidentally brushes up against you, as soon as you take his hand or kiss his cheek, he’s 100% ready to be physical. He’ll wrap you in his arms and carry you to a more private area (aka his bedroom) and just kiss you until you tell him enough. Basically, he loves intimate and physical contact as long as he knows you’re into it too—meaning you’re gonna have to make the first move every time.

  • He’s kind of a clingy goof so he likes to have you around as much as possible. He’ll normally have an excuse like, he needs you to come over to help him study for a test (which is a legit excuse 99% of the time) or that he wants to make sure you’re safe walking home. He’ll normally just stand awkwardly yet fiercely by your side, but hey, to each one’s own.


  • Because he’s actually a little desperate for something more than just a superficial relationship, Kise is pretty toned down around you at first. He doesn’t bring up his career or his income. He just wants to get to know you and let you get to know him. It takes about a month before his true colors start to show—not that they’re bad colors.

  • Despite what he makes, dates couldn’t really get any simpler. Whether its a trip to the movies, or enjoying one on the couch. He may be used to flaunting himself in public but that doesn’t he wants to do the same with you. You’ll always be that one article the reporters can’t get their hands on.

  • One thing you can be assured of is that he knows what he’s doing. He’ll be honest with you and tell you that you’re not his first relationship, but he’ll also tell you that he’s been picking up all the necessary skills to make him your best. Basketball isn’t the only thing he knows how to really focus on. Every reaction to every touch and kiss won’t go unnoticed and it’ll be his goal to make each one better than the last.


  • Unfortunately, when it comes this guy, you’re going to have to make the first moves for quite a while. It’s rather obvious that he likes you. He gets flustered if you even talk to him, but he doesn’t even have the guts to ask you out. Takao is surprisingly the best wingman a guy could ask for though and he picks up on Midorima’s romantic slack until he feels comfortable to take on the burden himself. And yes, he sees romance as a burden.

  • At least with him, you won’t have to subscribe to your favorite horoscope magazine. Though you might have to remind him to try and not to explain all the reasons why you’re having a bad day.

  • You’ll have to ease into things with him but also be vocal about what you want—but still be respectful about his boundaries. Comfort is key with him. Even if that means nothing but hand holding and an occasional kiss on the cheek for the first few weeks. It will just make the first real kiss sweeter.


  • He’s a hands on kind of guy. He’ll grab you when he wants and kiss you on the spot just because he can. You’ll have to be the one to lead the communication side of your relationship, and don’t be surprised if you get some talk back.

  • He’s the absolute worst at planning dates. Like, seriously. And he tries really hard when you put things in his hands—which makes things all the more pitiful. For your birthday, he’ll try to throw a surprise party but he’ll leave the invitations and decoration lying around for you to find and he’ll let Momoi bake the cake.

  • For the longest it’s just been him, basketball, his magazines…and a nagging Momoi. It’s not to say he’s against change, but you’ll still have to give him time to adjust. He might be kind of a suckish boyfriend at first, barely putting any effort into the relationship at all, but when he realizes how much he loves you, he’ll do anything to prove that he’s the only man worth your time.


  • He’s the most chivalrous of them all. Like, if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have someone courting you in the Victorian Era, this is the guy to date. But that’s only in public. He’ll always be highly polite to you and treat you properly.

  • When the two of you are alone, he understands that he doesn’t have an image to keep up, he doesn’t need to prove anything to you, and that’s why he lets himself loosen up around you a little bit. He let’s you sass him to some extent and he always tries to make jokes—but fails miserably every time. He just wants to make sure you’re comfortable when you two have alone time.

  • On occasion, his other side will come out and frighten you, but he always apologizes and tries to make sure you’ll stay with him no matter how damaged his psyche is.


  • Dating Murachin can sometimes be like dating the man of your dreams and at other times it can be like you’re actually just raising a child. He’s lazy and he whines a lot, but usually it’s just for your attention. After you’ve been dating a while, he won’t whine so much when you tease him by taking his sweets, but he always whines when you pay more attention to someone else more than him—especially if it’s a guy—ESPECIALLY IF IT’S HIMURO.

  • Subtlety is never a good thing with him. If you want something, tell him. If you need something, tell him. And if it’s urgent, you might want to start honing on your frosting skills. Because the only way he’s going to get the message is if its edible.

  • Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter if you’re average or tall for your age, Murachin will always be the tallest. Fortunately for you, that means nothing is out of reach. Just make sure you always have a treat on hand to thank him for his efforts, or else he won’t be as generous in the future.

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Hi ^^ I was wondering if u could write gom+kagami reaction if they found their s/o reading stuff like 50 shades of grey? (Doesn't have to be that, just the idea) ;)

You guys have no idea how much i hate this book. So if you’re giving me a chance to make fun of it…you bet your ass I’m gonna do it.

Kuroko: You and Kuroko read together quite often. Whenever he had a new book he would sit beside you and you would rest your head on his shoulder so you could read together. Logically it was only natural when He leaned closer to see what you were reading. 

“It slips down my throat, all seawater, salt, the sharp tang of citrus, and fleshiness… ooh. I lick my lips, and he’s watching me intently, his eyes hooded.”

”_____-san, you shouldn’t be reading this kind of thing when you’re with someone….”

He couldn’t help wondering why she described it as a tropical beverage when she was referring to…that. He shook his head and left your side trying to think of something different.

Kagami: When he saw you staring so intently at the screen of your computer he couldn’t help but feel curious so he thought he might as well take a look…

"You are not just a pretty face. You’ve had six orgasms so far and-"

Well that’s enough for him. “Why WOULD YOU READ SOMETHING LIKE THAT? SPECIALLY WHEN I’M AROUND?” Kagami’s voice came out louder than he planned, making you jump. “Alex told me about it and-” “That’s all I needed to hear. I should’ve known.” 

He stood up and began walking away. “Taiga it’s actually kind of funny-“


Kise: When he heard you mentioned the book before, he asked to read it with you since he heard his sisters talk about it before.

”_____cchi this is so unhealthy”

"Oh my god why would she agree to that"

"Is that supposed to be sexy? I think it’s kind of gross."

In the end he thought it was a terrible book, but there was one thing he couldn’t stop quoting…

"Laters, baby."

Midorima: He knew about the book. As soon as he walked in the living room and saw it on your hands he stole it away from you.

"Hey! I was reading that!" Before you could reach out for it, he 3-pointer-shot it into the garbage can.

"You don’t need to read this kind of…material." He fixed his glasses as he went to look for a much more proper book,alight blush spreading on his face.

Aomine: He watched your face as you focused on the screen of your phone. He usually didn’t care about intruding, thinking you were probably texting someone but when he saw your eyes widened and your face turned red, he had to know what was going on.

“I don’t remember reading about nipple clamps in the Bible.”

"Daiki Give it back!" You were desperately trying to reach for your phone but the tanned teen held the phone high, reading quotes and laughing at all the weird things. 

"I didn’t know you were into this kind of stuff _____"


“Why is anyone the way they are? That’s kind of hard to answer. Why do some people like cheese and other people hate it? Do you like cheese?”

”____-chin what are you reading? why is he asking about cheese? I don’t even like cheese”.

This was the fist time Murasakibara had sat down to read with you. Needless to say it was the last.

Akashi: He was feeling jealous over the fact that you would rather pay attention to the book on your hands when you came to visit him. You were at his house. Sitting next to him. Yet you preferred to pay attention to fictional people. He decided he might as well know what got you so interested when he peeked in, reading out loud:

"I want you, and the thought of anyone else having you is a knife twisting in my dark soul."

"…I can relate to that."

"Sei please don’t relate to a sadistic sex addict maniac that says things like ‘Feel it baby’"

"What is this book about again?" 

temno asked:

How do you think would the GoM, Hanamiya and Kagami react when discovering your blog and reading all the stuff you wrote? :D

/looks off to the distance as a single tear rolls down self’s cheek/

Kagami the bae: he’d be really confused and embarassed, not knowing what exactly was the purpose of such a blog. He’d definitely be confused as to how can someone predict his actions like that, but I don’t think he’d be creeped out much.

Kuroko: he’d also be really confused. Most people don’t even notice him, yet there’s someone out there who can read him like that? Might find it a little creepy, but he’d be mostly amused and somewhat curious. Would laugh internally at Pure!Ahomine. 

Aomine: he’d be creeped out and a little annoyed. He doesn’t like people knowing him that well, and the fact that they predict his actions like that doesn’t sit well with him. Would leer at the nsfw ones though.

Kise: he might get freaked out at first, but then he’d read about how much of a dork his ex-teammates are and then he’d have the time of his life reading the posts and laughing his ass off, though he doesn’t like the thought of someone knowing so much of his personality.

Midorima: he’d be disgusted, plain and simple. He’d be pissed off, annoyed and would find ridiculous that someone would take so much time writing stuff about a bunch of teenagers. Secretly reads all the posts he’s in, though.

Murasakibara: he wouldn’t understand what was the point of all this. Why would someone write about them? Why ask about situations that aren’t likely to happen? In short, he just wouldn’t care.

Akashi: he’d be really angry, but also highly amusing. In the end, he’d decide to let it slide in favor of amusing himself reading it, but I think he’d try to shut the blog down or something. Something about this makes him feel too exposed, and he doesn’t like it.

Hanamiya: like Akashi, he’d be pissed off and amused. He’d read all the posts at least twice, and after he’s had his fun, maybe he’d look for the one who wrote all that stuff and offer the position of manager, ‘since they’re obviously so good at analysing people’ in short I’d be dead

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What does gom like to do on rainy days?

Kuroko: He likes to read, get things he needs to get done done (Like homework and chores,etc) i’ll bet he also likes to watch the rain fall from behind a window.

Kise: Kise likes going out on rainy days with a few of his friends. Maybe to a cafe or the mall.

Midorima: Like kuroko, Midorima likes to read and maybe reorganize a few things. However, if he had something important to do outside his place nothing  could stop him.

Aomine: Sleep. All day.

Murasakibara: Nothing really out of usual. The rain just gives him an excuse to be more lazy. He would eat a lot of snacks and stay in watching Tv.

Akashi: He prefers not to waste time and uses these days to get a few small things done, practice violin, learn a few new things?

[Midorima/Akashi; tattoo artist au] The universe was created without legs


“I’m not certain if I want a tattoo but may I come inside, anyway?”

Midorima Shintarou had never seen a canvas more beautiful than the boy standing on the threshold of his tattoo shop. His pale skin was like untouched snow, his glazed eyes like liquid moonlight, his hair a playful flutter of red flickers, and Midorima felt like a poet who had never written down a single verse and spent every waking hour regretting it.

Just like every artist that went down in history kept their muse close, so did Midorima Shintarou let Akashi Seijurou in.

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Gom+kagami point to the S/O in the stands after making the winning shot or a free throw for them at the end of the game?

KUROKO’s Phantom Shot ended the game with a lot of attention directed towards him. But albeit that, he still manages to find ______ in the crowd, smiling softly as he held a victorious fist in the air.

KAGAMI dunked the ball with all of his remaining power from the basketball match. “_____! Did you see that?!” He pointed up to her in the middle of the crowd, an enthusiastic grin on his face.

KISE would be especially show-offy that day, dunking the basketball with much power. “Did you see that?! Did you see that, _____-cchi!? That was for you!” He held up both hands with the victory sign as he smiled up at you.

MIDORIMA finished the game off with another long-ranged three pointer. He didn’t really point out to you, but he did smile in your direction for a brief moment.

AOMINE went all-out at the start as soon as he heard you would be there. He didn’t really intend to, but he got more pumped up than he thought, ending the game with one of his various formless shots. “Oi, _____! I hope you saw that!” he said, pointing up at her with a suggestive smirk that had her blushing like crazy.

MURASAKIBARA was strangely motivated for that match but only because you were there. He dunked the ball over two players and looked up at _____ in the crowd, exaggeratedly waving towards her general direction.

AKASHI totally showed off. He wasn’t using his Emperor Eye per se, but he did show off his high physical prowess as he finished the game with a dunk over a player who was way taller than him. He didn’t really say anything, but there was a faint smile on his face as he looked up at you.