midnightstrike3625 answered to your post “does anyone know how to respond to comments people leave on your…”

you can’t. I have the same issue and will not be creating content until I find an adequate way to address the situation.

so every comment that has been posted on my videos after the time of the update by users with google+ profiles, i have been able to reply to. comments posted on my videos before the recent yt update, i have been unable to reply to. 

i don’t know if that is helpful to you at all, but it is clearing some things up for me, logistically speaking. it really sucks, because there are now comments i can never directly reply to, but at least it implies the reason. 

it is abundantly clear, though, that google will be aggressively attempting to “clean up” the comment sections of their youtube site whether users want them to or not through the removal of anonymity through google+. a notification of an update before it happened, or maybe even a poll asking users if this was something they even wanted would have been nice before the update was forcibly executed. 

i don’t want a google+ profile, and i don’t like my choices to be either leaving yt or using a feature i don’t enjoy and don’t understand the purpose of.

and i also don’t like that i can’t use the new features effectively or even retroactively to reply to a comment on a social networking site. i just don’t understand what’s going on or why, and that’s pretty upsetting right now. sorry about that small rant.


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Hello everyone, so I’m midnightstrike3625.  I have a youtube channel in which I review video games and new rock/metal albums.  I’m trying to get the word out about my channel, so I’ll follow you if you follow me tumblr fans, and sub4sub on youtube. Also, if you like what you see (which is the purely unedited real me discussing good music and games), don’t be afraid to share.  



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Do me a favor…if you like Dream Theater’s new song, like this review. It’s getting a TON of flack just because he blanked on the drummers name…The Enemy Inside is a pretty amazing song and he gave it a positive review, so I don’t get where all the hate is coming from!