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Your Questions 

1)Do You Have A Favourite Colour? Yes Black i wear it all the time which is kind of Depressing if ya think about it but i like it anyway :P 

2)Has an actress or actor even made an impact on your life? Yes Tom Baker he made me full in love with the world of science Fiction and also to be Open Minded to the world and the Universe around us and Also its  ok to be grown up and be Childesh Sometimes.But yeah when i met him almost cried :P 

3)Favourite Band or Artist? This Ones Easy Well two Words IRON MAIDEN :) 

4) . Would you rather have lots of money but not many friends, or a large amount of friends and not much money?

i Would rather have a Large group of friends then money because i believe its better to be happy then Loaded as from my own Personal Experience money can twist and corrupt the people that have a lot with it so yeah more freinds just because more fun 

5) If you could have any pet in the world what would it be? It Sounds werid be ill love an owl just because they are awesome and Majestic Creatures 

6) Indoors or outdoors? Outdoors of Course being indoors makes me Feel Bored and Depressed and also its so DULL SO YES OUT THERE :) 

7) The stupidest thing that you’ve done?

well ive done alot of stupid things but a recent one was me Taking my Iphone to Download and losing it :( very stupid of me 

8)Do you like waffles?

No not Really yes im weird like that 

9. Three of your favourite tv shows?

Doctor Who,Game of Thrones,Law and Order SVU 

10 . Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin or Hufflepuff? Well Took The Pottermore quiz got Gryffindor House but then again ive Always been Gryffindor ive always been Brave,Reckless and Wanting to Play the Hero :p  

11) Is there anything that will always cheer you up/make you laugh when you’re sad?

Well yeah being around freinds and having fun

My Questions 

1)Favourite People 

2)Celebrity Crush 

3)Favourite Film 

4)Favourite Musical Genre 

5)Favourite Character on a Tv Show 

6)Favourite Food 

7)What do you truly think of me be honest 

8)what would your partonus be from harry potter

9)Describe your perfect love interest 

10)Favourite Harry Potter character 

11)favorite Ice Cream 

12:47 AM

The question is,
will it become stale,
diminutive, sordid
these writings?

will the mystery fade,
will the meaning be lost;
will they transit from the screen to your eyes
and you see nothing but words?

who knows,
i certainly don’t -
so, i will write,

i will write about these thoughts,
that take the space in my mind,
the ones that demand an attention -

i will write about the maybe,
the very same one that hangs over our heads -
as the days fade, blending into each other

i will write about you,
i will spill these words upon paper,
the words that crave themselves into my mind -

i will write till the fifth of forever.

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Getting the word out

Hello everyone, so I’m midnightstrike3625.  I have a youtube channel in which I review video games and new rock/metal albums.  I’m trying to get the word out about my channel, so I’ll follow you if you follow me tumblr fans, and sub4sub on youtube. Also, if you like what you see (which is the purely unedited real me discussing good music and games), don’t be afraid to share.