This is Midna.
She was 1 years old.
She was a playful, loving and a fearless cat. She loved the sun, and window seats. Her favorite food was tuna. She loved attention and belly rubs.
Today Midna passed away due to anti-freeze poisoning.
This is the 4th family member me and my boyfriend have lost to reckless and irresponsible people.
Please remember that cats have families too. Whether you’re an animal lover or not please try and sympathise and not be an asshole.
Cats will eat and drink anything.
Be careful with anti-freeze and other chemical substances.

Please share this around.

I need people to realise how harmful chemicals can be to little kittens like Midna and her little sister Lexi and two adopted brothers Jigga and Treasure whom also fell victim to anti-freeze poisoning.