Thanks for a wonderful time, guys! It’s a lot of people and I’d love to say that I’m glad I’ve made so many friends with such wonderful, talented individuals. Each person is kind and intelligent and I’m so glad to know them.

It’s a lot of people, so lets get taggin. If I forgot someone, ah I’m sorry!
In no order: middroo, shuck1e, teamtambourin, team-reverie, amibunny, shellyshockz, darkluxia, rattarie votbear, wicked-ninja, talongrovyle, yassui, mcpippypants, cool c, psydoktor, piriwott, and shiny-florges

Thanks so much, I wish I could draw something better (I probably will later on when I’m in a laptop)m but I really wanted to say I love all my friends and thank you for being there for me when there was sunshine and rainy days. I love you all. And thank you.


Hey guys, i need your help. iPod broke the other day (it was bound to happen with that huge crack in it) and I’m in need of a new one. Thing is, its basically how i keep up to date with everything, and keep in contact with friends, SKYPE, writing/ideas ect. ect. i basically used it for all the work necessities. i can replace it with a few extra bucks to be honest, but i was hoping i could upgrade to an iPad (since i seem to use it often to work on things)

So i will be opening commissions, opening 3 slots at a time attempting to tackle a few every week or so.

  1. Painted bust/portraits 10$ usd
  2. Transparent (2nd row) 15$ usd
  3. Single character (full body), painted, simple BG 25$ usd
  4. Banners (2 characters) 30$ starting price (more samples here)
    - extra character is +10$ 
    - If you want a sketch/wip before i start painting let me know.

If you have any questions just pm me~ And also, if you want something i haven’t offered up here, just let me know and i’ll see what i can do.

  • no humans, robots or nsfw.
  • payement method: Paypal. Once I’ve confirmed your spot with you, (and if you prefer, when i begin working your commission) you may send me payment.

If you’re interested, pm me here, on Deviantart, or email me at Signal boost would help too! thanks for the read you guys~

*EDIT* check out my commission status here! i will be keeping it up to date.