Today is my 24th birthday.
I’m home. I love being home. I thought I’d share some of the artwork from the region with you guys, it’s all over the train station, and it really shows our industrial roots :)
I’m the proud owner of some summer running gear, a new Walkman (I’m sweating my iPod to death on runs so I wanted a back up, but now I may continue to kill my iPod and use the walkman for normal stuff…).
My birthday cake was a triple chocolate brownie layer cake, so basically I’m in food heaven.
Gluten free living starts on Monday. I’m dreading it.
I am a fan of both DC and Marvel, but I’ll be honest with you, I’m probably going to download Batman v Superman. Trailers, for me, determine whether I’m going to put money towards a film, and the only thing that persuades me to watch it so far is Henry Cavills biceps, which, believe It or not, is not quite enough.
Anyway, I’ve had a lovely day, and I managed to sneak in a bit of work too, I hope yours was equally as nice :)
18th April 2015