this other time in the eighth grade there was a fire alarm so the teacher marched us out onto the front lawn and we waited there for like three minutes and we were all like "what the heck where is the rest of the people in this darn 2400 kid school" and that’s when we realized

it wasn’t a fire drill

it was a tornado drill

if that was real we would be dead we would all be freaking dead

Middle School Censors Student’s T-Shirt Because It Used The Word ‘Feminist’

An eighth grade student at Clermont Northeastern Middle School in Batavia, Ohio wore a black T-shirt on class photo day which included the word “FEMINIST” written across the shirt in white letters. Yet, while the shirt does not violate any school rule and the student has worn it to classes before, the school chose to doctor her class photo to remove the word.

signs as middle school emo phase things
  • aries:talking back to a teacher because you're feeling Super Punk. getting a detention and telling yourself that that just makes it cooler
  • taurus:covering your walls in as many posters as possible. all the posters. just taping more posters on top of the mass amount of posters already up because gerard has a nice ass
  • gemini:making posters that just say the name of your favorite band and lyrics and maybe drawings and/or pictures. doin it with your friends. you know what kind of posters I'm talking about. what are you even making them for? a school project, or...?
  • cancer:crying to that one song for hours while home alone. then drinking tea or water and calming yourself down. laying down in bed and still crying. just let it all out. it's ok.
  • leo:either you just got your hands on a Shit Ton of money or your parent agreed to pay, so you're blowing a bunch of money on a shitload of shirts at hot topic. you are basically DROWNING IN SHIRTS. so many fucking shirts. you can never have too many shirts that say "fall out boy" over and over in different fonts
  • virgo:not knowing the lyrics to emo trinity songs yet, so looking them up and trying to learn them. studying the lyrics to memorize and maybe even analyse them. you're going to sing along to them in concert because MCR is going to release a 5th album soon and go on tour again haaa yeah
  • libra:having to explain/justify everything to your parents, and ask them for permission for stuff. "mom can I PLEASE dye my hair black??" "please please can we buy these converse" "no uh... that is DEFINITELY not what that lyric was ha (sweats)" "frerard? oh, that.. see, uh...."
  • scorpio:doing or saying something (a certain way) because it was in an emo trinity music video or song lyric. [I really hope none of it was from the I'm Not Okay music video. If so, I pray for you. Holy shit.]
  • sagittarius:trying to skateboard for the first time. you're really not that great at it, and you probably don't try it again (or maybe you do, idk). also starting to swear
  • capricorn:sorting the mass amount of CDs you have (or checked out from the library). you really hope you didn't break any of them or their cases, but you probably did. how long have you been carrying those around with you everywhere...?
  • aquarius:writing song lyrics on your homework as the teacher is going over it in class or writing "my" and "romance" around the word "chemical" absolutely any time it shows up on a worksheet. also writing lyrics on blank sheets of paper, for some reason. writing lyrics on your arm. writing lyrics on your friends' arms. writing lyrics on school bathroom stalls. basically writing them on every surface, ever
  • pisces:talking to your newfound emo friends for a long time, probably several hours. the conversation goes all the way from "omg have you seen that one meme of that band member" to "I think the lyrics in this song mean this" to "this is one of my personal problems I've been fighting with for a long time"

Throwback: Middle School - For when you feel like returning to your awkward middle school years when the only impressive thing about you was your “kick-ass” music taste. [[Listen]] 

.1 Stacy’s Mom by Fountain of Wayne // .2 1985 by Bowling for Soup // .3 All Star by Smash Mouth // .4 Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard // .5 Say Anything (Else) by Cartel // .6 The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls // .7 Our Time Now by Plain White T’s // .8 Dear Maria, Count me In by All Time Low // .9 Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade // .10 The Curse of Curves by Cute is What We Aim For // .11 Homecoming by Hey Monday // .12 Williamsburg by Armor For Sleep // .13 Guilty Pleasure by Cobra Starship // .14 Shake it by Metro Station // .15 Five Colours in Her Hair by McFly // .16 Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects // .17 I’m not Okay by MCR // .18 I Write Sins Not Tragedies y P!atd // .19 Misery Business by Paramore // .20 Teenagers by MCR // .21 Be My Escape by Relient K // .22 The Middle by Jimmy Eat World //  and many more….

The Signs as Class of 2021 Tweets

@ TheSignsAs || IG

Aries: 6th graders have declared war on high schoolers!!!!! We will throw vape bombs in your classes and shoot you with silly bands😜😈👊 #WatchUrBack

Taurus: My gf told me she’s home alone and to bring a condiment? I’m so confused lol I’ll just bring mustard😂😊🙈

Gemini: Can’t wait to take our relationship to the next level…… Hopscotch here we come😏😘❤️😈😜😍💑💜💚💙👌

Cancer: Got a problem with me? Have your mom call my mom.👿💆😴👏👊

Leo: First let me hop out my motha effin heelys🚨😎 I don’t want her if that rump don’t sit like a horse🐴🍑

Virgo: Omg 6th grade prom is next week and I’m scared theres gonna be grinding😖😰🙅👎

Libra: Things r changing…🙅lollipops turning into dicks😁🍆 soda becomes alcohol🍻bike helmets turning into condoms😪Disney channel becoming pornhub😳

Scorpio: Hugged my gf and didn’t wear protection……I think she’s pregnant now😁😕😳 #Scared #omg

Sagittarius: Is 6th grade senioritis a thing cause I’m definitely feeling it😅😜💁💯

Capricorn: #MyLifeIn5Words so done with sixth grade😓😖😕👎🙅💆

Aquarius: High schoolers are communists!!!!👊👎😱😁😒😷

Pisces: YAY!!! My mommy said my new bedtime is 9:00pm #$wag #Adult #GrownUp😃😈😎💯LOL at the losers who still have 8:30pm bedtime #Children #Losers😂😭🙅

the types as middle school stereotypes
  • esfp:omg i'm so random!!!1 XD
  • isfp:math homework covered in pencil drawings of eyes
  • entj:*fangirls externally*
  • intj:"welcome to my twisted mind"
  • estp:#swag #yolo #snapback #obey
  • istp:the annoying 12 year old on Call of Duty
  • enfj:organizes a "Warriors" RP website
  • infj:bright blue colored hair
  • enfp:we've been dating for 2 weeks and it's TRUE LOVE
  • infp:angsty poetry that no one will ever read
  • esfj:hate backstabbers ;(
  • isfj:keeps a diary, rambles on about crushes
  • entp:talks way too much about Star Wars
  • intp:"my generation is so immature"
  • estj:mom still dresses them
  • istj:*gasps at mention of marijuana*



Perks of Being a Wallflower Relationships

The whole group’s friendship

I wanted to make a movie that celebrates those friendships—and the intensity of those friendships. As people get older, we all know, you get married and you have a child and that becomes your family, but when you’re 16 years old, especially, your family is your friends. - Stephen Chbosky