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#Israel cannot go on behaving in the way it has in the last 20 to 30 years. The current leader of Israel [Benjamin Netanyahu] is a war criminal. Any way you look at it, he is a war criminal.

The people of Palestine didn’t give up their nation, it was stolen from them and has increasingly had other bits stolen from it by occupation by Israel in breach of international law. Sooner or later — and I hope it’s sooner — Israel will be called to account and this decision [for Palestine to accede to the ICC] is one step along the road.

The Palestinians, as a country and as a people, have been oppressed since 1948, with the acquiescence of the United States, Great Britain and many other countries.
—  Senior British Member of Parliament Sir Bob Russell

Top UK MP Brands Netanyahu War Criminal as Palestine Joins ICC

There are those who would have you believe that construction in the Jewish
homeland is the cause of all instability in the Middle East. Really?!
That’s what’s causing the fighting and proxy wars in Iraq, Syria, and
Yemen? That’s why Iran is racing to get the bomb? Jewish homes are
really the source of unrest in that part of the world?!

Clearly this is a delusional obsessive theory put forward by anti-Semites who try and blame Israel and the Jews for all the world’s problems. 

To understand the real source of conflict in the region you must
understand the Sunni-Shiite power struggle within Islam. And keep in
mind that Israel is the only thing that is RIGHT with the Middle-East.



hell is breaking loose in the Middle East right now and people are crying over zaynmalik leaving 1D ? let me tell you what’s happening in yemen there is a terrorist group called the houthis who have been terrorizing the people of yemen for months and they are backed by iran because they are shia they have bombed government buildings killed countless people and rebelled against the elected government of yemen in the name of democracy even though the Yemeni people elected hadi Saudi Arabia and basically half the muslim nations have launched air strikes on the request of the yemeni people and iran is mad cuz it’s loosing one of it’s favorite terrorist groups so they are sending soldiers and this is basically a shia vs sunni civil war and now officially the ENTIRE Middle East is in war pray for the yemeni people to finally get rid of the houthi terrorists

How America and the West got it wrong in Yemen

In spite of the catastrophic destabilization and panicked regional military action, President Barack Obama’s administration continues to hail Yemen as a successful model for combating extremism.

But in the eyes of Yemenis and most Yemen watchers, the country is coming apart at the seams — an unraveling that’s been ongoing since 2011, when the United States’ “Yemen Model” first went into action.

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