writingonthewa11s said:

So as I'm writing my book, I know the beginning to my story and I know the end but I can't figure out what will happen in the middle of it. I need to create a good middle of my story thats is interesting and having it connect back to the end well.

These might help!


Surprise and unplanned Tinychat scheduled for Saturday! It’s either going to be 9:30pm or 10pm EST we will let you know the day of what time we decide.

AS ALWAYS our chats are friendly to everyone in the dynamic who is 18+ years of age. Caregivers, Mommies, Daddies, littles, middles, switches, and everyone in between are welcome. 

Drinking alcohol or Drug use on camera will NOT be tolerated.

Kink shaming, abuse, or hate of any kind will NOT be tolerated.

Nudity or sexually suggestive activity on camera will NOT be tolerated.

Also any flirting or rude/sexual messages or advances will NOT be tolerated.

We have a one strike you’re out policy.

Our chat will be password protected and we will post the link as well as the password at the time of the tinychat.

We look forward to celebrating the weekend before school with you all.

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