anonymous said:

Bless you for answering so quickly! ;v; I gotta say I was REALLY happy to see Midayle fronting the masterlist. I'm currently thinking of applying for Briggid from FE4-5, though uhhh I may also be considering Seliph, Clarine and/or Basilio because I have no self-control Orz. Thank you once more.

Everyone is allowed to take up to 3 characters. So you are more than welcome to pick up all of those. They are all available. ((also our Rutger would freak if you picked up Clarine. H’es been wanting to RP with her for a long time now.))

Knight/Generals Poll #1

Alright, it’s time for everyone to vote again! This week we are doing the Knights and Generals! Who will be featured in the corner image of our Masterlist! Who will replace Midayle in two days? You get to decide! Also, each name is linked to the image we’ll be using should they win.

Please, only 1 vote per mun. Don’t stack votes if you have multiple characters.

Note: I have normally made exceptions in the past about counting votes when nicknames are cast or when people use their personal blogs to vote but I won’t be doing that any longer. I cannot keep up with every nickname a character has nor can I keep up with all our members personal blog. From now, please vote with the name used on the list and only with your RP blogs. Otherwise I’m disregarding the votes in the final tally. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The poll will close in 48 hours on August 22nd.

- Mod Yarne