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I want to cut again.

Well that probably wont happen since I’m giving you links to just about 45 minutes of cats doing funny things. I am not a great person to go to for this, there are people that are way more qualified out there, but spend a little time doing something you want to do. Even if it’s just nap I’m not here to judge. Good luck and take some time off, alright?

i’m just upset because like

my dad came over to ‘visit’ and he took my good industrial microwave and gave me this hideous shit microwave my cousin left and I don’t even use a microwave but i hate this piece of shit so much

i miss my microwave

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The welsh word for microwave is popty-ping. The japanese word for microwave is denjirenji. good luck in hell

Omg thank you so much that’s hilarious

talk to me, I’m in hell

I decided I wanted some sage candles for the work I’m going to do, so I popped the wax out of a couple tealight candles and put the little discs into a couple of tealight holders and melted it in the microwave. When it was good and melted I put some ground up sage in the wax and it started bubbling and fizzing and swirling around!
It was the closest thing to a tiny witches brew I’ve ever seen haha.

sevenaesthetic I used to use gel + angled eyeliner brush which honestly really good for beginners cause the brush pretty much guides u with angle & all that so if u startin out that’s good (I used Mac fluidline but bobbi brown does good ones too. Just be wary cause they tend to dry out but like 10secs in the microwave they good again) atm I’m using eyeko visual eyes waterproof liner which is lovely cause it’s got super fine point + lovely dispensing of product + no skipping cause tip is firm. Bit harder tho to get ur angles right cause it’s all free hand :/ altho if u planning or want waterproof use that & just use tape!! But ya mostly practice & a lot of fuck ups to get it right

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Confession: I'm a Pisces, and I once watched those commercials with warm pop tarts, and tried microwaving a packet. Turns out, there was a big DO NOT MICROWAVE warning on the wrapper, and I swear my microwave almost blew up. Good thing nobody was there to yell at me...

why wouldnt u have taken the wrapper off omg

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Is it safe to heat full fat milk in microwave I put the milk in class cup?!

Microwaving isn’t good in general. I’d avoid it if possible or don’t do it all the time, but that’s a personal opinion.


I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that Kraft offers mac and cheese in individual microwavable containers.

It’s good because I won’t accidentally eat an entire pot of mac and cheese in one sitting.

It’s bad because I will pull a Sims and literally eat mac and cheese for every meal until the end of time.

Cookie Butter Mug Cake

2 TBS Butter (melt in microwave about 30 seconds)
2 TBS Peanut Butter
1 TSP Vanilla
1 Egg
2 TBS Sugar
4 TBS Flour
Pinch of salt
¼ tsp Baking Powder
Bake 90 seconds in microwave

So damn good!!!! Really light to eat as well!!! When you microwave it, it will rise but when the microwave stops it will come back down to size, so make sure if your microwave has a rack in it, make sure you take it out! 😃

Make the most of your Microwavable Oven with proper Microwavable Glassware

Buying a good microwave is not enough unless you accompany it with the appropriate microwavable cookware or glassware.So what exactly constitutes good microwavable glassware? While it is important to know that the product that we are using is microwavable safe and not just that does it preserve the nutrients of the food that it contains is equally important.
Besides, it is also important to notice that when shopping for microwave cookware the product is microwave safe. There can be hazards if the wrong type of plastic container is used. Generally many of the plastic cookware that is used in the dishwasher can be used in the microwave. Read More