So, this is what Microsoft says the next decade will be like.

Pelican down…
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Virginia consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton is using its analytical, problem-solving approach to break into a new industry: professional sports.

After collecting and compiling data for several seasons, the firm is making its debut into the sports analytics industry; revealing its predictive football play-calling prototype as a sponsor of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference this weekend. The service is being developed as an application for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet; the same ones found on the sidelines on game-day.
The app updates in real-time, taking in considerations such as time on the clock, field location, score, weather, if the team is home or away, as well as other variables to predict what play the other team will run.

Custom Mapping Team, or CMT, is comprised of some of the Halo community’s oldest, best, and brightest talent, brought together under the common goal of making the most complete, fresh, and entertaining Halo 1 campaign mod in the game’s long and storied history. As the culmination of several years of work and experience, SPv3 is the most comprehensive modification of Halo 1’s campaign yet, extensively revising and adding to the core gameplay while almost completely overhauling the visuals and audio.
This first release contains the level “The Truth and Reconciliation,” or “a50.” Future releases will continue to refine and build upon the groundwork laid here, with new additions and major enhancements retroactively applied after significant milestones. Make sure to regularly check the official forum at for more information and updates on future releases, along with developer updates and exclusive media!

There are two different maps you can download - which one you want depends on whether or not you plan on installing Open Sauce.

The .map can be played with or without Open Sauce, but is missing several secondary visual and gameplay features that rely on OS scripting and memory boosts.

The .yelo can only be played with Open Sauce, but contains the complete experience. Specifically:

  • No Open Sauce/.Map version: Basic mod
  • Open Sauce/.Map version: Basic mod, normal mapping, phong lighting, postprocessing effects
  • Open Sauce/.Yelo version: Basic mod, normal mapping, phong lighting, postprocessing effects, VISR mode, dynamic Battle Rifle behavior, enhanced CMT Extras menu, assorted easter-eggs

If you have any questions or issues, make sure you read the included CMT Manual file first!

To install:

  1. Extract the .map or .yelo from the .rar you downloaded.
  2. Place the .map or .yelo in your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder.
  3. If using the .yelo, make sure there is no .map with the same filename (in this case, “a50”) inside your Halo Custom Editon\maps folder.
  4. If you have a UI that supports campaign map-loading, just start a new game on The Truth and Reconciliation. (If you do not have one, the archive has several for you to choose from: (http://hce.halomaps….cfm?pg=1&sid=26)
  5. If you do not have a UI that supports the campaign or otherwise cannot load the map from the main menu, launch the game with the console enabled, type in “map_name a50”, and hit Enter.

To uninstall, simply remove the .map or .yelo from your Halo Custom Edition\maps folder.

The latest Open Sauce installer can be found off the OS Google Code Page. We highly recommend you install OS - the process incredibly simple and non-intrusive, and the benefits are immense. The only requirement is that you update a properly installed copy of Halo Custom Edition (this means you’re not using a No-CD crack!!!) to 1.09, you don’t have any other .dll-hook based addons to the game running, and do not use XFire while you are playing the game (seriously, even having the XFire process running can make Open Sauce crash, so make sure that you’ve completely ended the program!)

.Map version (Backwards compatible)

[Mediafire mirror] [ mirror]

.Yelo version (Requires Open Sauce)

[Mediafire mirror] [ mirror]

Again, if you’re downloading the .yelo, make sure you DO NOT have an file inside your HCE/maps folder, make sure Open Sauce is installed on a legit version of HCE version 1.09, make sure you have no other .dll hooks and make sure you do not have an XFire process running!


CMT SPv3 Team Members:
Teh Lag - Team Leader and HCE polymath
Masterz1337 - Co-Lead, gameplay balance, and encounter design
Ifafudafi - Co-Lead, gameplay balance, and effects

Arteen - Encounter & level design
Boba – Concept, 3D & texture art
BobtheGreatII - 3D art
ChokingVictim - Programming
Conscars - 2D art
Dano - 3D & texture art
Flyinrooster/Roostervier - 3D art
H3freak - HUD design
Kirby422 - Scripting, encounter & level design
NuggetWarmer - 3D art
ODX – Animation
Shadowspartan - Programming & Tools; Tag references
Siliconmaster – Lighting
SlappyThePirate – 3D art
Warsaw – Gameplay balance
Xalener - Sound design

Additional Contributors:
CtrlAltDestroy – Tag references
Hunter/MartynLeeBall – 3D art (Shotgun high-poly model; publicly released on
Neodos – Concept & 3D art
NeurologicalDisorder – 3D art (Warthog model; not present in this release)
Sin0w - Scripting, encounter & level design
Yoko/Mendicant Bias – 2D & 3D art

Kornner Studios & the Open-Sauce people:
Kornman00, TheFieryScythe, Choking Victim and Shadowspartan

We also would like to credit the people at Bungie Studios (past and present) for Halo 1, 2, 3, ODST and Reach, upon whom our mod relies so heavily!


Testing & Feedback:
Reaper Man


Lastly, we would also like to re-credit those who were credited for SPv2, as this project draws on their hard work even if they were not active CMT members for SPv3:

Teh Lag

Il Duce Primo
P0lar Bear
Scooby Doo
Wave of Lag

-Choking Victim


As always, an enourmous debt of gratitude is owed to Bungie, Microsoft and especially Gearbox Software for allowing this community exist, thrive and continue to do what we love for a game we love. Thanks for letting us stay around and thanks for giving us the tools to do this!

We also owe our friends at and for being great platforms for this humble community to stand on.

The “Halo” franchise and all related IP is © 2001-2012 Microsoft Corporation/343 Industries.

Springfield Favorites Make Their Way to Minecraft

The longest running American television show, The Simpsons, will be making its way to Minecraft by way of downloadable skins.

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PlayArts Kai Master Chief!

By far my favorite PlayArts figure I’ve owned. Tight joints, great articulation, and just straight up looks bad ass.

When I think “Master Chief” I see this.

Also, I hit 500 followers! Thank you so much guys! You’re amazing. I’m so glad I can share this small hobby of mine with you :D