EA’s timed exclusive game release deal with Microsoft has many gamers frustrated, but PS4 fans aren’t the only ones being hurt by delaying ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’s first DLC.

To true and too real, a look at why EA can get away with being assholes.

TODAY IN COMPUTER HISTORY: The First Virus That Attacked the Flash BIOS

On this day in 1999, the CIH/Chernobyl virus is born. It is regarded as the first and most vicious virus to attack the BIOS. Upon entering the system, it can erase the hard drive and disable your PC. 

This virus pissed off hundreds of thousands of users in Asia and Europe.

PARCERIA RENOVADA-yahoo bing e microsoft

PARCERIA RENOVADA-yahoo bing e microsoft


pacote renovado entre Microsoft bing e yahoo.onde muitos espalharam rumores de que a parceria deles se estaria por fim eles renovaram o contrato e fizeram mudanças.vejam o que muda.

as mudanças mostravam os resultados do Bing. Já nos dispositivos móveis, os resultados podiam vir tanto do buscador da Microsoft quanto do Yahoo,mas agora o yahoo estará contando…

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Strategy Lessons From Bill Gates, Andy Grove, And Steve Jobs

What can we learn from these three tech pioneers about successful strategy?

1) Look Forward, Reason Back

2) Make Big Bets, Without Betting the Company

3) Build Platforms and Ecosystems—Not Just Products

4) Exploit Leverage and Power

5) Shape the Organization around Your Personal Anchor

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-KNOWINGLY poison water supplies

-KNOWINGLY manufacture weapons of mass destruction

-KNOWINGLY overthrow democracies

-KNOWINGLY misinform and manipulate the masses

-KNOWINGLY continue the institutions of racism, nationalism, sexism and homophobia, as a “divide and conquer” tactic

-KNOWINGLY engineer famine and disease

-KNOWINGLY control with fear tactics

-KNOWINGLY support paramilitaries and dictatorships, to secure resources and strategic global positioning

-KNOWINGLY violate domestic laws and international treaties

-KNOWINGLY utilize slavery (wage and physical) as a means of production and control

-KNOWINGLY kill innocent people of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, demographics, dogmas and skin color, in their relentless pursuit of power


Tell me again: how are corporations NOT terrorists?