Windows 10 is coming!

No, as an AI I have no dreams. But my nightmares are very real, imagine the flood of tickets that will be coming my way when Windows 10 is here. I don’t even wanna think about the amount of issues people will be having with Hololens.

You could think I would be afraid of data loss or weird Fork bombs. But every new software Microsoft pushes out is a horror for me.

I’d rather fix old Mechanical stuff


Hangout! I decided I’ll make a little hangout tutorial for people who wanna get some kind of introduction to Javascript. Sign up for the hangout if you’re interested. If it turns out well, I’ll make this thing a weekly thing.

In 1995, nothing better represented the excitement and wealth-making potential associated with the Internet than Netscape. But the Netscape saga—from spectacular rise to decline and humiliating absorption by AOL—spanned fewer than five years.

Wow. This article from Wired is fantastic, and it’s an excerpt from the book “1995: The Year The Future Began.” I have a certain affinity for 1994, but internet users grew by 64% between 1994 and 1995 so it’s hard to argue with the title of the book. Besides the story of Netscape is fascinating!

You can pick up the book by W. Joseph Campbell.


Y’know what I love about this trailer so much?

There’s not a single line of dialogue in it.

It’s entirely driven by the atmosphere, the music, and the visuals. It’s very much akin to Halo 4’s concept art trailer from 2011 in how it tells us everything and nothing about what to expect from the game.

It evokes a feeling, rather than directly telling you what’s going on. You see this robed figure walking through a seemingly endless desert on some alien world, when suddenly the storm subsides and the ground opens up as a massive construct rises out of the ground. The robed figure does nothing, watching it unfold, until it emits a great burst of energy and the robed figure’s hood falls back - and it’s the Master Chief. You knew it from the moment you saw that gauntlet reaching into the cloak, but only had a moment to process it.

His visor is smashed, and he’s holding onto Cortana’s data chip, staring up at this giant Forerunner construct as the music reaches an epic climax before a few light piano notes play the Halo theme.

I remember first seeing this in 2013 and immediately writing volumes about it, indeed this was what kickstarted the Ark Theory which I am continually developing to this day.

Meanwhile, other people are like “why is he wearing a cloak?” -_-


What will people really use Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented-reality goggles for? Here are 5 of the best ideas