Microbrew Retro Display Font Family

If you like grungy, used-look retro designs and vintage typography, then you need to check out the Microbrew type family.

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Maybe it’s because I’ve read too many stories about women being raped in frat basements and abused by athletes – who, especially if they’re white, tend to go unpunished or get away with a light slap on the wrist. (Well, as long as TMZ doesn’t leak a recording of the incident.) Maybe it’s because I’ve seen groups of men challenge each other to prove their masculinity in ways that are dangerous to themselves and others. Maybe it’s a vestigial fear of the guys who threw kickballs at my head in junior high-gym class (not that I’m saying I wasn’t an easy target, as a 6ft-2in nerd with buck teeth and all of the physical grace of a baby giraffe taking its first steps on the savanna). Maybe it’s because, as an adult, I’ve been harassed by drunk white men far more often than any other demographic.

Or perhaps it comes down to statistics: I’m white, and white people are most likely to be raped and murdered by other white people.

Epic Brewing Company

Denver, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah

Epic’s Denver taproom is within a few minutes walk of me, so I stopped in there the other day when I was moving into my place.

Decided on the Barrel Aged Flight

Brainless Belgian Golden on Peaches

Brainless Belgian Golden on Cherries

Smoked and Oaked (Brainless Belgian Golden smoked on cherry wood)

Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout w/ Cacao and Coffee

Hanson (yes, that Hanson) has a pale ale called “Mmmhops.”  This is actually a great idea.

While the name is undeniably genius, the beer isn’t bad, either. For a pale ale, it’s got a bit of pop (7.5% alcohol content) and some sweetness — kind of like a Hanson song. It just won a gold medal at the World Beer Championship. “We’re aware enough of who we are and where we come from to know there’s a huge value in our history,” Taylor says, “but our history only gets us to the first drink.”