The Castle at Miclauseni, Iasi 
The castle has once belonged to the nobleman George Sturdza and his family. He inherited the house built in 1752 by the governor Ioan Sturdza, and re-built it in the neo-gothic style during 1880 - 1906, to make it resemble the medieval castles and also the Palace of Culture in Iasi.
The estate is now property of the Mitropolitan Church of Moldova and Bucovina.


by ~elyvirlan

Miclauseni Castle, historical monument belonging to the Gothic art, was built between 1880-1904, by George Sturdza and his wife, Maria (born Ghica); the exterior decorations bring forward details from the Sturdza’s blazon and also the emblem of George Sturdza; he owned here a remarkable library of about 60,000 volumes, among them, there were many unique or extremely rare books; during the WW1, the castle became a hospital for the soldiers, and both Maria and Ecaterina (her daughter) took care of the wounded people; in 1944, as long as the front was getting closer to the castle, Ecaterina was forced to leave the castle before it got devastated by the Russians, who burned the books and furniture, and sold a few of the silver belongings of the family and the porcelains; the castle is located in Miclauseni, Iasi, Romania (via 500px / Nostalgia by Isabella Johnson)