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hehheheu uue mICK!

mick is like

Wowoow?W??W one of my closest friENDNS iMM SERIOUS

but no relaly shes like hilarious and reallly great at art and i had like the hugest art crush thing on her FOREVER serisouyl i alsmot died when she drew me a pictures in the first livestream of hers i wen t to

bUT no yeah micks great i really love her okay

hopeishome said: The only fruit you can buy are persimmons. If there’s a fruit you don’t have in your town get your friends to give you fruit or go into their town and get them. Lemon, Lychee, Durian, and Mangos can be taken from the island through mini games ignore hopeishom

mickpspooky said: I got them from the island and from other ppl ye

oh yehi know that!! iw as like. wondering how you ugys place them in your towns like. fancy orchards and stuff do you guys do that