Meet Alice Fairchild

Alice is a friendly and very outgoing, charismatic individual with a great sense of humor. She loves to socialize and make friends. She is a hopeless romantic at heart and loves nothing more then watching sappy romantic comedies. She has applied to hneylove's bachelor challenge with the hope that she’ll finally meet her price charming and live happily ever after.

  • Favorites
    Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwiches

  • Traits
    Good Sense Of Humor
    Social Butterfly
    Hopeless romantic

  • Lifetime Wish
    Super Popular

  • Credits

    Skin: ESkin nATURAL+ Tan - by Ephemera
    Brows: Default Replacement Brows by Simple Life
    Eyes: Pixie Contacts by stefizzi
    Hair: Newsea Monochrome Retexture by PaintStroke
    Rings: All by Lorandia Sims 3
    Nails: Multi-Colored Nails by IN3S
    Clothing: Hello September - Dress by Juliana Sims
    Make-up: All by Gosik 

Download - .Sim Package
Download - Sims3pack

*suddenly an awkward picture arises on your dashboard.*

Anyways, I’m gonna wait with eliminating the last contestant,
until Island Paradise comes out here and I actually have itinstalled.
Which is in 2 days =)

Hoping nothing will come between it, which it probably will..

I really had to think about the eliminating.
At first I wanted to give them a bit of time before actually sending one out.

But, the relationship status was just about the same as before, except the whole friends thing..
So I decided to just go ahead with it, new start doesn’t mean I can cut them some slack, right =3

Tho, I did give them some extra days, eliminations should be on Friday,
I did it on Sunday. *oops*

Hard decisions have been made,
I really got attached to all of the sims made for this BC.
It’s amazing to see how they all act differently from each other.

And even tho, Aidan and Morrigans relationship bars where the same,
for some reason Aidan came in second.
Sorry I forgot to take a print screen of it since I’m not the smartest person alive…