Freddie and Brian would have dinner with their crew. They were good like that, they were pretty democratic. They would eat with the roadies and drivers. As much as they were magnificent and uninterested in the mundane, they didn’t treat anybody as if they were less worthy because they weren’t fabulously talented or absolutely whacked out.
—  Mick Rock

I think it’s time to have a Mick Mars appreciation moment. No Nikki, Vince, or Tommy. Just Mick. I would like to thank him for all that he has done, and for what he has inspired me to do. Thanks a lot babe, you kick so much fucking ass, and nothing will ever stop you from being one of the best guitar players in the world!!!


…yes more from the archives…

These photos is from a Swedish magazine called Poster (it came out between 1974 to 1980 and this one is from 1980) that mainly focused on, well posters, large color posters of the most popular artist at the time. 

This is from a special edition that focused solely on The Clash, a bit surprising, Poster mostly focused on the most popular and commercial artist like ABBA, Kiss, Boney M, Queen etc. Most of the photos are Bob Gruens’ well known photos but there are a couple of photos that I think was taken backstage when they played Sweden in 1980 of Mick, Paul and Topper (the newspaper stuck under Mick’s arm looks like a Swedish paper).