If Rick Grimes does not tenderly wrap Michonne in his arms and give her the hug fest she deserves in 5B then I am going to crawl into the tv like the girl from the ring and do it myself. And also more snarky banter between her and Daryl. It’s adorable and I miss their friendship.


TWD Ladies || Salute || They Don’t Need a Hero
You have to watch it, the whole way through. Just trust me. Amazing!

part one of a mini series thing i’m workin on called “awesome fictional ladies of color”!

(EDIT: apparently garnet (along with all of the other gems in steven universe) is nonbinary so she shouldn’t be in this lineup, being a nonbinary person of color, rather than a woman of color. i apologize for this mistake! it may have seemed like nonbinary erasure but truly i didn’t know. sorry again!)