youmacon 2013 street tier official post *CLOSED*


facebook event page

as a group we are paying for photography services from the lovely colleen of ctgraphy and the price on that is going to be $15 per person and the shoot is going to take about two hours

this is pretty self explanatory

a few friends and i are putting together a group for youmacon later this year with blackoutballads street tier designs

were looking for as many people as possible for this group and to have all of them would be friggin sweet but well take however many we can get

the only requirements were putting forth are that you obviously have to be at youmacon and able to wear the costume on the day we do the group and make/provide your own costume (and put some effort into it; were not trying to critique anyone but we want to look nice as a group)

alright so if you want to join you can send an ask to me or one of my co-conspirators lilshosho and savioroftheherpingderp

now you better clench up your sphincter because here comes the list

Watch on

Okay this is a cute short story 

okay so in 4-13 there was a homestuck meet up at lakeside mall and while we were there in cosplay ,there was talk of a flash mob going on and everyone thought that the kids in get paint and horns were the ones going to get up and start dancing when really it was a bunch of teens and and one adult who was proposing. it was sooo cute i wanted to cry 

I was the Mituna siting on the floor in the background 

i went to a convention today (JAFAX) as attack on titan dave and i got a really positive response ahhh i’m so happy i love going to cons!!! if you live in michigan and attend this con i’ll be there tomorrow too!! come say hi to me„, , i might even draw something for u if you ask !! ;;;u;;;