Today, 74 years ago all over the german “Reich” (which included Austria and parts of today’s Poland and Czech Republic) the synagogues were burning.

This picture shows the synagogue at Michelsberg, Wiesbaden.

In the aftermath were about 1500 killed jewish people, lynched by the violent mob of so-called “aryan” germans and SA-troopers. Police and firebrigades were ordered to stand back, only to protect “aryan” houses. Thousands of jewish citizens were put into concentration camps and all “jews” (the nazi-laws defined who was “jewish”/”non-aryan”) have been stripped off their citizenship. This marked the start of drastic antisemitic actions, which helped german authorities to organize the systematical disfranchisement, looting and killing of european jews in the shoa.

These are some well-know spires that have been around in beautiful Bamberg for a long, long time. A first church building dates back to the year 1015, and the core of the current church is romanesque. During the Middle Ages the monastery was extremely powerful and was responsible for several hundred villages in the area.

This fierce lion’s head also calls St. Michael´s Church its home. It is part of a tombstone for a Prince-Bishop. Obviously, this guy liked to show off his power even after his life so he chose to associate himself with this regal animal.

part of beautiful Bamberg´s Michelskirche

… btw, next year it will be thousand years (!!) that there is a church and hopefully everything will be in order again and construction finished. The church has been closed for almost two years now so I`m dying to go there soon.

Observant visitors of these pages featuring views from beautiful Bamberg will instantly know that this picture is one from the recent past. There is this one Plensa statue visible which has been exhibited last year with several other ones all around the city. Even if it didn´t seem to match at first, it was an interesting change of convention for sure.

Ahh, what a wonderful view in beautiful Bamberg. Clearly, as an avid beautiful Bamberg follower, you have noticed that this is a photo from last year. Why? Have a close a look at that white thing in the middle and then you know.

This picture was taken in the Michelsberg gardens in beautiful Bamberg. It used to be a huge Benedictine monastery and the gardens were vitally important for the monks. They used the fruits for creating food and other nourishment.