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Michelle Robinson

'Self Embrace'

                              This kaleidoscopic composition of color and detail is striking and subtle all at the same time. The first thing that stands out, is the balance of her color usage. Within the  black, all other colors exists. And in Michelle Robinson’s ‘Self Embrace’, the subject and all its hues, seems to come from within the blackness, like she is one with it. A flower blooms out her right eye, her facial expression is calm, knowing. and with a sort of slight intense-ness that says powerful. Centered around her head like a crown, a mandala explodes in a mesmerizing pattern of colors, with two outstretched arms that wrap around her neck. The title, ‘Self Embrace’ is so empowering. As a mandala symbolizes the universe in Tibetan and Buddhist culture, the woman is the mother of humanity being that she gives birth. It would seem as though from the artists perspective the woman is the universe, the woman is one with all things.