Ferrari Friday … open heart surgery

Michele Alboreto’s Ferrari 126C4, 1984 F1 World Championship

the engine used in the C4, the last evolution of the 126 , had a major revision to the one used in the C3, the gearbox also received several modifications making it the strongest & lightest Ferrari had built so far

the engine itself was a water cooled 120° V6 with twin turbo charging (KKK), the 1.496,43cc’s produced 660bhp in race tune & around 850bhp in qualifying using a maximum turbo pressure of 3,2bar

this was on par with what the main competition produced (Renault & BMW), but the car’s chassis was its downfall, not producing enough downforce in comparison with McLaren (therefor needing to use more wing) resulting in playing played catch up with the Marlboro liveried cars all season long

McLaren dominated with Lauda becoming champion & Prost following closely in 2nd place, Alboreto finished 4th with less than half the points total of either Lauda or Prost

in the constructor’s championship the difference was even bigger, McLaren won with 143,5 points against Ferrari’s 57,5 - still enough though to become vice-champion