Princess Mutant Ninja Turtle

Drag out your boomboxes and cram in your favorite Vanilla Ice cassette, because HERE IT IS…my TMNT mascot costume!


If you’ve read my previous entries, you know this was a lot of work to make, but also a ton of fun!  I had an awesome time creating this mascot, and the kids LOVED it.  Seems like a no-brainer, especially since the new cartoon show is so popular.  But I was surprised how many adults were excited too!  Then again, many of them were about my age, so it’s likely they were big fans when they were kids, just like me!  I think some of the young dads were more excited than their kids…they had some vintage turtle t-shirts on and wanted a bunch of selfies with me.

It’s tough to see out of the mascot head, as well as impossible to get suited up in it without some help.  Luckily, I had the wonderful Rebecca of Pretty Princess New Jersey to be a picture-perfect April and help guide me around, making sure I don’t bump into any small friends or miss an important tiny high-five (high-three?). 

We also visited Brave New Worlds in Willow Grove, PA this weekend, for Free Comic Book Day.  I was Supergirl at their store last year and everyone on the staff is so friendly and awesome, so we’d be crazy NOT to show up again this year!

We had a ton of fun there (even if Raph accidentally knocked stuff off the shelf once or twice with his shell) and met a lot of cool kids and adults. 

Being teenagers, of course they both had to squeeze in a few selfies:

And take a few pics with some other costumed friends…thanks for the photobomb, Nick Fury:

We also hung out with some kids at a public event on Friday, which was LOADS of fun!  A lot of the kids had made paper-plate shells for their backs, tied on with string, and were eager to show off how cool they looked.  You never heard so many “COWABUNGAS!” yelled in your life.  One little girl of about two or three, dressed in a turtles t-shirt pulled over her ballet class pink tutu and tights, came up to me and said, “Hiiii Waphael!”, hugged me and planted a kiss on the mascot’s nose.  A few parents were overheard lamenting that we didn’t play “Go Ninja Go” for the event, as they really wanted to hear it.  But we can’t use copyrighted music or names, even for public events, so Vanilla Ice will just have to sit this one out.

I was really gratified to see that there was a good mix of boys and girls who were fans and had showed up to meet us.  I noticed in a greeting card store the other day that the TMNT cards were shelved exclusively under “Birthdays for Boys,” which bugged me.  There are lots of little girl fans of the show (as well as big dorky girls like me).  I think the cartoon cards should just be shelved under the general “Birthday” heading and not divided by gender.  After all, we saw a LOT of little girls in TMNT shirts…the girl in the black shirt in the above picture actually had a REALLY cool one, that had a little collage of the turtles’ faces, shaped into a heart.  I kinda wanted to ask where I could get one for myself! <3

All in all, I think this has been a very successful first mascot costume.  I won’t lie, I was tossing and turning from nerves the night before I had to wear it for the first time.  Didn’t get a wink of sleep, wondering if something would go wrong with it.  I was SUPER nervous when I first took it out in public!

But aside from a few notes (make hands much bigger, enlarge the shell around the edges, tighten elastic on knee pads to keep them from slipping down, etc), I think I did a pretty great job for my first time.  And seeing all the kids SO happy was all worth it!  I thought I’d be the most stoked just because I was finally getting to play one of my all-time heroes.  But having all the kids be so excited and thrilled about it made it even better. 

It even seems to be going over well at home…I can’t seem to keep Ming out of my shell.

Weekly Doodle Time! :)

This doodle was unknowingly and randomly selected by copinaskintightredandbluesuit - I asked for 2 numbers, (one for which character and the other to go with this list of prompts), and the result was “Mikey playing a sport.” Thanks for making my decisions for me, and feel free to suggest something for next week’s doodle, lol.

I imagine Mikey would be great at soccer/football, and I grew up playing it (colored the ball like my old one, lol), so it seemed fitting. I used this photo for pose reference.