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Michael Clifford Blurb-ish One-Shot : Clingy

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The boys had just finished an amazing show and now rested in the dressing room. While Ashton and Luke bounced around the room, running off adrenaline, Calum and Michael found spots to lay out on, seeming completely opposite to their bandmates. Calum spread himself out on the floor, using his backpack as a pillow while Michael collapsed by me.

            We had a few hours to waste in the dressing room as we waited for the crowd to leave and security do a quick sweep of the entrances and exits to make sure no one tried to sneak in. I sat at one end of the small sofa in the dressing room, playing on my phone. I’d seen my boyfriend and his bandmates perform plenty of times, so missing one small show didn’t really hurt.

“Babe” Michael whined, kicking his shoes off and curling up to me.

“Yes, Mikey” I cooed, playing with his newly lilac locks as he nuzzled my neck.

“I’m so tired” he groaned, a bit louder than necessary.

“Shut up!” Calum snapped from the floor, having been in a grumpy mood all day.

“You shut up!” Michael snapped back.

“Both of you shut up” I mumbled, not bothering to yell.

With a huff, Michael wrapped his arms around me tightly, seeming to cling to my side, groaning loudly for no reason.

“Why don’t you lay down, babe” I suggested softly, pulling a small pillow onto my lap.

“Will you lay down with me?” he asked into my shoulder.

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My brother made fun of Michaels hair so I made fun of his whimpy dick

They are the reason i stopped cutting and i can’t thank them enough for that