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a n e l e

  • WHY MY LAST RELATIONSHIP ENDED: I don’t know if you’d classify it as a “relationship” since we weren’t official, but I was in love with my best friend for an entire year who was struggling with confusion on his sexuality. Like he had feelings for me and told me he loved me but couldn’t be with me, but in the long run after this was all said and done, he came out of the closet. So yeah, that’s me… Derp.
  • FAVOURITE PLACE TO SHOP AT?: Part of me really wants to say Walmart just to annoy Tyson. It depends on what I’m shopping for, I guess. For clothes, Forever 21 or Old Navy.
  • MY BEST FRIEND: In real life, I have a group of four friends (three guys and one girl), and we’re kind of known as the Fab Five in the theatre department since we’re really close. But my best friend out of that group is the girl, Rosalyn. She’s seriously the sister I never had. As for Internet/Tumblr best friend, I have Tyson, who has honestly because one of the best friends I’ve ever had, in reality and online. :)
  • ONE OF MY INSECURITIES: Definitely my body. I used to do sports and was really into dance, but I’ve quit both, and when I did, I put on some weight. However, since May 22nd of this year, I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I’m on the track to get my body where it needs to be.
  • E’s already been answered. :)

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actresses? male characters?

thank you as well for sending another! already did actresses, so male characters

  1. freddie lyon
  2. jonas (the giver)
  3. owen armstrong (just listen)
  4. george costanza (seinfeld)
  5. gale hawthorne i don’t even give a shit
  6. nick andopolis (freaks and geeks)

this is the dumbest list i have ever seen oh god