5SOS PREFERENCE "The Moment He Realizes He Wants To Marry You"


Having a “Who can make the weirdest face” contest 



Face timing him on tour, you telling him that you miss him and love him



He realizes he want to marry you when you are always there at all his performances supporting him 



You two are in a fight and he realizes he can never loose you 


-Piper xx

Not so cocky now (Michael smut)



Request: Would you mind doing one where Michael is a virgin but he acts like he’s not and then you help him change that…if ya know what I mean

Smut: yes- don’t read if you don’t like smut I guess..

Okay here we go

Y/n pov.

"Last night was so fun" Calum boasted to the boys.

"Was she good?" Luke asked

“She was definitely the best fuck I’ve ever had” Calum laughed lightly

I scoffed at them rolling my eyes.

"Seriously guys? I don’t want to know about this." I said

"Oh come on. You like it really." Ashton winked

"No. I don’t"

"Okay, well who would you say would be the best fuck out of us four?" He asked smirking. He looked so confident that I would pick him, all the boys were looking at me waiting for my answer.

Well, not all of them. Michael seemed to be looking any where but me.

"Michael" I said. " he looks like he’d be the best" I said making Michael’s eyes shoot to face me. I smirked at him as he looked slightly nervous.

"I am pretty good." He said his face turning into a smile. "No ones ever complained"

The boys all sighed in defeat while me and Michael stared at each other.

"We’ll have to see about that" I winked at him making him smirk cockily at me.

We decided to watch a few films and one by one each boy fell asleep until it was just me and Michael left awake.

"So… You wanna prove your theory true?" Michael whispered leaning close to my ear.


"Oh come one you even said it yourself… I’m the best fuck you will ever have" he said "so what do you say? Wanna test it out?"

"Really?" I asked not believing what I was hearing.

"Really" he said

"Okay then… Sure…" I hesitated.

The next thing I knew I was lifted up and hauled over his shoulder as he quickly walked up the stairs.

"What the fuck Mikey. Put me down!" I whisper shouted as he carried me to his room and plopped me onto his bed.

"Hey you said you wanted to"

"Doesn’t mean I want to be carried over your should where you could have dropped me and given me brain damage." I said

"Such a dramatic" he laughed climbing over me.

I liked Michael and I didn’t want things to be awkward between us, so far they weren’t, we were both acting jokingly like we normally do, hopefully everything will be the same in the morning.

"Sooo…" Michael said giggling "are you ready for the best night everrrr?" He said dragging out his words.

"Yes. Now get on with it you idiot"

"Ouch" he said pretending to be hurt.

"I’m sorry Mikey" I said kissing his cheek quickly.

He laughed quietly before pushing me to lay back on his bed. He hovered over me imitating me and kissing my cheek, then my other cheek, then my forehead and then my nose. I laughed at him shoving him off for teasing me.

"Awww I’m sorry" he said not really meaning it.

"Whatever, just kiss me" I whispered

He took his place over me again placing his lips to mine for the first time. I laced my fingers through his hair pulling him closer to me as his hands roamed under my tshirt run in small little circles over the skin on my hip bones making me shiver at the coldness.

He pulled away smiling.

"Your hands are cold" I said making him burst out with laughter.

"Wow you’re turning me on so much right now" he said

"Shut up" I groaned hitting his chest.

"K" he said knowing I hate when people say that. Before I could even glare at him he kissed me slowly and deeply, his hands holding either side of my face while one of his thumbs stroked my cheek.

The kiss got more intense and I flipped us round so I was straddling him not breaking contact from each other for a second.

My hands trailed down his shirt as I tugged at it indicating that I wanted it off. He sat up with me in his lap before pulling it over his head and chucking it away. He then tugged at mine and I did the same so I was now just in my bra and underwear.

Reattaching our lips I pushed him back gently, hovering above him as his arms wrapped around my waist pulling me down to him.

With our bodies flushed against each other my hands went to his jeans button and zip. I watched as his face turned red as if he was embarrassed, it was as if he had frozen, his hands had stopped still on my waist but I thought nothing of it and pulled his skinny jeans down his legs slowly.

I went to pull his boxers away when his hand stopped me.

"Y/n" he said quietly and embarrassed

"Yeah?" I asked shakily as he was rejecting me.

"I’m sorry"

"Why?" I asked confused

"I’m just, I can’t"

"What’s wrong? What changed in a matter of minutes? You were the one who suggested this Michael." I said starting to get worked up and angry

"Listen I don-"

"Why didn’t you just tell me earlier you didn’t want me? Why lead me on like that and make me look like a fool-"

"I’m a virgin okay? Happy now?" He mumbled sadly.


"I’ve never had sex before" he said as if it was obvious.

"I know what a virgin is Mikey, I just can’t believe it, you and the boys always brag about it- just earlier you were saying you had never had any complaints" I said

"Yeah. I haven’t had any complaints because I haven’t slept with any one" he said

"Oh … Are you- like waiting for the ‘one’" I asked carefully.

"I don’t know. I think so, it’s just every time something might happen with a girl It feels wrong" he said

"Hey, I won’t judge you. How about we go back down stairs" I suggested

"No. I want to do this" he demanded

"What, with me?" I asked

"With you" he said

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I-if it’s okay with you" he asked shakily.

"It would be a pleasure to be your first Mr.Clifford" I said in a posh tone before throwing myself onto his lap and wasting no time in kissing him roughly.

"So… Your like completely new to this then?" I asked

"Yeah I guess"

"Great" I smirked cheekily.

Grabbing the waist band of his boxers I pulled them down slowly, his member sprang free and I nearly gasped at his size.

"Holy shit Mikey" I laughed

"Be quiet and get on with it" he said

I have him a fake her look at his bluntness.

"Pleaseeeeee" he whined making me smile and giggle.

I palmed him slowly and listened to his small moans and whimpers. His hips were bucking up to my touch as I jerked him off with my left hand while my right hand traced patterns and lines over his chest. I trailed kisses down his body and back up, my hand still working him into a frenzy.

"S-stop" he stuttered

"Sorry, are you okay?" I asked concerned

"No that’s not what I meant I mean I don’t want I come yet" he said breathing heavily

"Oh" I sighed in relief "don’t scare me like that I keep thinking you’re going to stop everything"

"I wouldn’t do that" he breathed out kissing my forehead softly "any way, where were we" he chuckled flipping us round so he was I top of me.

His hands hooked into my underwear and he pulled them down brushing his hands over my thighs making sure to brush lightly over where I needed him the most.

Dragging one of his fingers down my heat I shivered at his touch.

He stopped making me look up into his eyes, he give me a small smile and put one of his hands under the small of my back slightly pulling me up and closer to his sweaty body.

He used his other hand to spread my legs a small way apart, he leaned over to the beside table grabbing a condom and putting it on quickly, he guided his length into me pushing in slowly then suddenly all the way as if he had lost control of him self.

"Fuck" he cursed, his eyes clenching shut tightly and I took a moment to look at his face and how adorable and sexy he looked at the same time.

"If I had know how good this felt before I would definitely have done it sooner" he moaned moving his hips back and forth while still holding the small of my back for support.

Sweat was rolling down our bodies as there was no space in between us. Our lips were once again joined together in passion as Michael carried on taking control of the situation and now pounding slowly into me and setting his own pace.

"Shit, I’m going-oh god oh-"

I placed my hands onto his face our foreheads touching as he came undone above me.

"Holy crap we have to do this again sometime" he said while trying to catch his breath and collapsing onto of me

"Yeah definitely" I said

It was quiet for a little while until I spoke up.



"You’re crushing me here" I gasped out as he hadn’t moved from on top of me, we both burst out into fits of laughter as he rolled off of me to lay beside me.

Euphoria. (Michael Clifford SMUT)


Summary: When a certain boyfriend has to make it up to his girlfriend for ignoring her prior to her birthday..

Word Count: 3,079

Rating: Adult - 17+

WARNINGS: Very explicit sexual content and minor drug use. Do NOT read if you’re not familiar with the sex agenda, or if you’re not of age to read such mature themes. You’ve been warned.

Pairing: Michael Clifford/Reader

Request: Nope! (But requests are open if you want.)

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Oh my fuck

I can’t wait till I get married and have kids and when the radio starts playing 5sos,1d,or ed sheeran I can tell my kids all about them and I can be that mom that plays their music religiously at birthday parties and barbecues and my kids will hate me

You're The Songs I Wrote: Luke Hemmings Smut

Hey peeps!

Here’s a Luke smut for your reading pleasure. I hope you enjoy it! Oh and please let me know what you think! 

Love you all!



WARNING: Do not read if you don’t like smut. That would be a silly thing to do. 


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20. Going Down On Him

Ashton: Ashton loves when you use nothing but your mouth to get him off. Taking as much of him as you can, your hands behind your back while his hands gather your hair into a makeshift ponytail. He guides your head while he thrusts into your mouth, tugging on your hair as he gets closer and closer to his orgasm

Calum: Calum is such a sucker for a good deep throat. You take your time gradually working him towards his edge, pumping him in and out of your mouth at a steady pace, swirling your tongue around his oversensitive tip. When his stomach tightens and his thighs start to twitch you slowly take all of him in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks and pushing him deeper fighting the urge to gag.

Luke: Teasing Luke would be a beautiful thing. The moans and whimpers that would slip past those lips and he bites down on his lip ring. You’d lick up his shaft and stop at the tip circling around it, lapping up the drops of precum. You’d work him slowly until he was begging you, and then you wouldn’t let up until he was whimpering and coming undone all at once. 

Michael: MIchael loves when you make eye contact with him as you take all of him in your mouth. He’d be s appreciative and complementary, telling you how hot you look like this and how amazing you are. He’d absolutely loose it when you gagged on his length and payed special attention to his balls every now and then. 

Gosh I hate groupies

Ashton Looked So Good Today.

A 5 word story
Written by: Me.

But imaGINe being super tired after school or uni so you just change into a baggy shirt, flop on the bed and you’re curled sideways with you back facing the door, and ashton walks up the the door frame… He stands there for a few moments smiling, then comes and spoons you, wrapping his arms over and under your waist, pulling you tight. You’d lay there for a few minutes all nice and peaceful before you’d feel his hand slowly snake down to your hips where he slightly kneads them, then trailing down to your underwear… Then he’d start teasing you by circling your clit over the fabric and you’d start squirming so he’d put his hand inside your panties omg. He would start to pick up a rhythm and now you’re wide awake and you can feel his member against your bum slightly, and then suddenly since he’d still be holding your waist with the arm that’s under your torso he’d roll on to his back, you following him onto his stomach while he still had one arm around you and one in your pants. That’s where he would change rhythm and make your orgasm build, you squirming on his member making him moan and you’re moaning too and fucckkkk my life I’m going home.

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never let this video die.

anonymous said:

Could you do a 4/4 imagine blurb thingy based on the song Do I Wanna Know?

good song choice!x


Have you no idea that you’re in deep? I dreamt about you nearly every night this week


She was due to come over in about 10 minutes. I’m going to tell her. Today. She’ll walk through the door and I’ll just say it. Might as well. The dreams I’m having about her are getting too much to bear. She probably has no idea that I’m in this deep.

I bit my lip as I hurriedly rehearsed what I would say to her. ‘We’ve been friends for a while, but I want more.’ ‘Would you want to go on a date with me?.’ ‘I think I love you.’

I smacked my forehead with the palm of my hand at that last one. I don’t want to scare her away! Oh this is so stupid. Why did I have to have a crush on her?I know why. She’s perfect, in the most imperfect way.

I spun around to glare at the front door as I heard the bell ring.

She’s here. Shit.

I smoothed out my shirt and glanced around the room to check if there was any dirty laundry or unwashed dishes that I had missed.

Taking a deep breath I paced towards the door, opening it to be met with her beaming face. I smiled involuntarily, she was impossible to resist.

"Hi Ash." She threw her arms around my neck, I gripped her waist, savoring her scent. I need to snap out of this. Say it.

"Hey! I, uh, I have something to tell you?" Great, make it sound like you’re about to tell her you’ve killed the neighbors cat. I grimaced at my tone of voice, nitpicking tremendously.

"Sure, what’s up?" Her gorgeous eyes met mine and I knew I had to tell her, I had to try.



There’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow and I play it on repeat, until I fall asleep


I barely saw her once a month, I can’t do this. I can’t ask her to be my girlfriend. It’ll wreck both of us. I was laying on my back in bed, letting my mind spin out of control with both sides of this pointless argument.I squinted in the dark as my laptop screen lit up, displaying her cute face as she requested a Skype call.

I shifted to reach the device, settling back down once I accepted the call.

"Hey sleepy." She whispered, obviously noting the dark room and my appearance.

"Hey." I chuckled, I love this girl.

"Well, you’re half asleep so I won’t keep you long, but I just wanted to wish you good luck for your concert tomorrow. You’ll be amazing." I watched her scrunch her nose up as she smiled at me.

"Thanks, you’re the best, see you in two weeks yeah?" I replied, yawning rather loudly.

"Yep," She giggled, "Now get some sleep, text me if you’re feeling nervous or anything. Bye Cal." She waved as I said goodbye too.

She ended the call, the room darkening considerably.

"I love you." I sighed, closing the laptop and pushing it off my bed, grabbing my phone instead, quickly plugging headphones in and pushing them over my head. Flicking quickly through my iTunes library, my thumb landing on our song. The lyrics seeped through my brain as I fell asleep.

'Dear I love you more than you will ever know.'



Baby we both know, that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can’t say tomorrow day


"Truth or dare?" She bounced in her seat, thrilled at the chance to interrogate me.

I pondered my options silently. “Truth.”

"Hmmm," She wondered out loud, "Tell me something you haven’t told anyone before."

I raised my eyebrows, distracting her as I thought of a witty answer quickly, the only thoughts coming to mind were impossible, stupid confessions. ‘I’m in love with you’, ‘I want your lips on mine now’, ‘My best friend will never know how I feel about her’.

"Pass. Your turn." Her mouth fell open in protest.

"You can’t do that!" She whined as I smirked at her, leaning back against the foot of the sofa we were seated in front of.

"Truth or dare." I continued.

"Fine," She huffed, "Dare."

Fuck I have to think of one now, dares… come on brain, think!

"Kiss me." The two words slipped out of my mouth before I could replace them with any others.

My eyes widened as I realized what I had said. Why is it that at nighttime I feel the need to confess every secret I have? I needed a cover up, quickly.

"Sorry, it’s like 1am and I’m delirious, we should go to sleep now." I mumbled, moving to stand up and get away as fast as possible.

"Michael what did you say?" She put her hand on mine, halting my actions. She knew what I said, she just wanted me to repeat it.

"Kiss me?" She didn’t need telling twice. She pushed her soft pink lips to mine, moving them delicately.

Our lips separated but our faces remained close, her eyes searching for a flicker of regret or discomfort in mine.

I didn’t want her to think and analyze, I wanted to kiss her again. I pulled her to me once more, lips locking and my mind only questioning why I didn’t think of this sooner.


Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new


I couldn’t focus on this damn movie. But I had to, I couldn’t just stare at the angel next to me for the next hour, despite the fact that that is all I ever want to do.

I forced myself to watch the screen, some couple where making out on rocks somewhere. I heard her sigh next to me.

"What?" I chuckled.

"Oh nothing," She jumped, probably not realizing she had made a noise,I raised an eyebrow at her, "It’s just, well, don’t you ever want to be kissed like that?" She turned to face me, her own blushing.

"No?" Her glowing face dimmed a little,"I mean I don’t know?" I offered.

"Well you don’t date anyone so I guess it would be hard for you to understand." She said, still miffed at how I had cut her off before.

"Hey that’s not true —fair!" I stuttered on my words, to me, it felt like I was in a relationship with her. Obviously I had been playing this little game in my head for too long.

"Luke, why don’t you date anymore? You could get anyone you wanted!" She ranted at me, however my mind was too busy replaying the last sentence to hear her finish.

"I could get anyone?" I questioned.

"Yes!" She shrieked at me, "Is this a confidence thing?" She asked, her voice softer now.

"No," I could have screamed in frustration, "I don’t date because…" My voice faltered.

"Because?" She prompted.

"I’m too in love with you to fall for somebody else!" I blurted.


oooh cliffhangers don’t hate me haha x