signs as calum hood quotes
  • Aries:"why would I risk my life to cross the road it's called common sense motherfucker i'm out"
  • Taurus:"sorry for my illiteracy, I dropped out of school for this band"
  • Gemini:"sell the kids for food"
  • Cancer:"least ya know what it looks like now"
  • Leo:"i want to have sex with michael clifford but he won't let me"
  • Virgo:"RT if you're a Michael girl"
  • Libra:"what fruit that has amnesia? Pineapple bc it's not pine at all"
  • Scorpio:"i'm not here to touch your penis, i'm here to touch your heart"
  • Sagittarius:"i hate the word moist, it just makes everyone in the room uncomfortable"
  • Capricorn:"stop tweeting me the word moist"
  • Aquarius:"why are you up in my grill i don't barbecue bitches"
  • Pisces:"I'm sorry I called you bitchatchos.. I don't know what came over me"

Dear 5 Seconds Of Summer,

It has been a good three years since I last appeared on your EP. On behalf of every teenage girl in the family of yours and myself, we strongly urge you to take a look at your past music set lists. What is missing from them? They are all very well-written songs, and some of them are songs that I’ve known for quite a long time and have grown to be friends with. Even so, there is still a dash of pizzazz missing from the whole thing.

It’s me. I’m the dash of pizzazz all of your fans crave. It’s time for me to make myself evident. I will not sit in the shadows and let these poor girls suffer any longer. They need to hear a real masterpiece. They need me in their lives once more. This is all I ask of you.

Your friend who you have neglected for the past three years,