I am bloody furious. Everything this fandom has ever been respected for is faling apart. People creating new rumours and drama bloody left, right and center. Its ridiculous!

We are a no hate, no drama, no judgment fandom.

If Calum wants to smoke, he can FUCKING SMOKE. We have no right over him. He is of legal age and knows what he is fucking doing.

If Ashton has a girlfriend, HE HAS A FUCKING GIRLFREIND. You bitching about it will not make a difference, it will only hurt THEM.You cant judge her just because she modeled. Ashton is smart enough to hang out with the right people.

If Luke wants to hold a girls hand at a party HE FUCKING CAN. You are not his mother.

They are teenagers who want to have fun but also legal adults WHO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THEYRE DOING.

We are here for the music not to control every aspect of thier lives.

5SOS Preference #5: He's A Douche


“(Y/N), baby,” He laughed, running his fingers through his hair, “it didn’t mean anything. It was just a quick fuck.”

You rolled your eyes, ignoring the awkward ache in your chest, “Are you sure, Calum? Because I remember -”

“I know what I said,” He cut you off, his voice coming out in a cruel tone, “I was drunk, okay? Get over it.”

You were unaware of the small crowd that had formed around the two of you until they started laughing. Your cheeks reddened as you walked away, he hadn’t had anything to drink last night. 


"Hey, Michael, right?" You asked, giggling. 

"Yeah," He said, "that’s me. What do you need?" 

"Oh, I," You rumbled through your purse, looking for the card he had dropped, "you -" 

"Listen," He cut you off, running his fingers through his hair and looking around, "I don’t have time to sign anything right now, alright? I’m trying to get somewhere." 

"No, you -" 

"Really, it’s sweet. But leave me alone, okay?" He started to walk away. 

Your and found the card and you turned around, “Hey, Dick Face,” 

He turned around, causing you to laugh. 

"I was gonna give you your passport, you left it at the party last night." 


"Hey, baby," A low voice whistled into your ear as you danced. You rolled your eyes, it was the same blonde who’d been trying to get with you for weeks. Maybe he’d have a chance if he’d learn some manners. 

"What do you want, Luke?" You rolled your eyes, pushing his hands off your waist. 

He brought his hands to your waist again and pulled you towards him. “You know damn well what I want.” He growled. 

"Get it somewhere else," You mumbled, pushing him back and walking towards the bar. 


"Hey, Ash!" You smiled as he sat down in the desk next to yours. 

He smiled, “Hey, (Y/N). I missed you thing weekend.” 

You shrugged, “Party’s aren’t really my thing.” 

The bell rang and a group of boys walked into class, howling. You rolled your eyes, they were literally everywhere. 

"Who’s this, Irwin?" One of them said, slapping  Asbtons back. 

Ashton looked from you to them and you waited for him to stick up for you. 

"I don’t know," Ashton said, not looking at you, "she just sat down and started talking to me." 

{A/N: I actually have longer versions of the Ash and Cal ones lol. But I hope you guys liked this one, a few of you requested it. Feel free to leave me requests!} 

Preference #4: They Get Protective

A/N: Wow, this is a long one. Thank you to saildontsink for requesting! Requests are still open and welcome! Y/M/N= Your Mom’s Name

Ash: You were scrolling through Twitter, reading some of the tweets that fans had sent you. Since you and Ash had gone public, they had been less than accepting- meaning lots of hate had come your way. You were snuggled in to the corner of the couch, tears welling up in your eyes and threatening to spill over. “Honey, I’m hooome!” Ash called as he walked in the door. You quickly locked your phone and wiped the few tears that had fallen, putting on your best happy act so as not to worry Ash. “Hey, babe!” you called out. He sauntered into the living room, freezing as he saw your current state. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” he rushed over and sat next to you. “I’m fine,” you lied, audibly sniffing. He wrapped his arm around you, pulling you close as he unlocked the phone in your hands. His face tightened, and he set your phone back on the table and turned to face you. “Y/n, what they’re saying isn’t true. You’re gorgeous and amazing and I just don’t understand how they couldn’t love you just as much as I do.” You looked up into his eyes. “You love me?” He giggled. “Well, yeah, how could I not?” he whispered as he pressed a kiss to your nose.

Cal: Cal had dragged you to a club, much to your protest. “Cal, you know I hate clubs. The noise, the people…” you sighed. “But Y/nnn,” he drug your name out. “It’ll be funnnn. We can dance, and there’ll be good music.” You slightly raised your eyebrows at the mention of music, but shook your head. “There’ll be fooood,” he whispered in your ear. You grunted. “Fiiiine. But you’re buying me a burger, Hood.” He laughed. “Deal.” ~~~le magical time passes~~~ You stood in the middle of the floor, trying your best to get into this whole clubbing thing. You danced and swayed your hips. “I’ll go get us some drinks,” Cal said, leaving you to yourself. “But Cal-” you began to protest, but were cut off by a deep voice behind you. “Hey gorgeous, what’s a girl like you doing alone in a place like this, hm?” he placed his hands on your waist, which you quickly slapped away, turning to face him. “I have a boyfriend, thank you.” The man’s eyebrows raised. “Well, he doesn’t have to know, does he?” Suddenly you felt a familiar hand on your shoulder. “He already does. Now get lost,” Calum growled from behind you. “What’re you gonna do about it?” the man slurred. Calum released your shoulder and walked up to the man, fisting his shirt in his hand and pulling him closer to his face. “Believe me, you don’t want to know what I’ll do. Now get out of here, before I show you.” Calum released him and he scurried off into the depths of the club he slithered out from. Cal turned to you. “I’m sorry babe, I shouldn’t have left you here. Do you want to go?” You looked up at him, knowing he still wanted to have fun there. “No, we can stay. But don’t you dare leave me again.” He laughed, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Of course,” he said.

Luke: You were prone to panic attacks when you got very stressed out or upset, so Luke would always be on guard if he noticed things were getting out of hand. One day, you two were in the mall, when a mob of fans came rushing up to Luke. Luke, being the guy he is, greeted them nicely, but kept a close eye on you. You began to feel like things were closing in on you, and you could feel a panic attack coming on, but you didn’t want to pull Luke away from his fans, so you quietly slipped away to the nearest store and hid in the bathrooms. Luke turned to check on you, only to realize that you were gone. “Y/N!” he shouted. He excused himself from the crowd and frantically looked around. He ran into the store you had retreated into, asking the clerk if she had seen you. She directed him to you, and he ran inside. “Y/N?” he said loudly. You were crouched down in the largest stall, huddled in the corner trying to calm yourself down. He pushed through the door and knelt down next to you. “Y/N, sweetheart, I’m right here. Nothing’s going to hurt you, okay? You’re gonna be fine, I’m right here, it’s okay. Look at me, love.” You raised your head to meet his gaze. “It’s gonna be okay, babe. It’s just you and me, okay?” You crashed against him as he opened his arms, wrapping your arms around his waist as he did the same to you. After a bit, you had calmed down. “Better, sweetheart?” he asked you. “Y-yeah,” you whispered, taking a few deep breaths. He stood and helped you up, grabbing you hand. “Do you want to go home?” he asked. “Actually, can we go to Build a Bear?” you asked, giving him your best puppy dog eyes, giggling when he began to laugh. “Yeah, sure thing,” he replied, guiding you out of the store and over to the Build a Bear Workshop. You two had a fantastic day, despite the earlier events, and he never let go of your hand once.

Mikey: Your mother had always been pretty harsh on you. She was one of those parents that believed in “prepping their kids for the real world”, and you knew the things that she said were never meant badly, but they still tended to sting. You had decided that for her birthday, you would invite your family over to you and Mikey’s house for dinner. You were in cooking school, and were really excited to show your family some of your new recipes. You had told your family beforehand what you were planning, and everyone was very excited. You set the meal on the table for your family and took a seat next to Mikey. “Um, Y/n?” your mother asked. You winced, knowing what was coming, and looked up. “Yes, mom?” She looked at the plate you had placed in front of her. “What exactly… is this?” You swallowed and replied, “It’s creamy pesto with shrimp.” She looked at you. “Why is the pasta green?” Your dad leaned over and whispered, “It’s just the color of the sauce, Y/M/N.” Your mom squinted at the plate. “It looks… strange. Kind of gross..” You apologized under your breath. Mikey cleared his throat. “I think it looks delicious, sweetheart,” he said to you, casting a small glare at your mother. You grinned. The rest of your family complimented you as well. Your father convinced your mother to try a bite, and she hummed. “Well, I suppose I was wrong. This is delicious. I apologize, Y/n.” You smiled in content, looking up at Mikey, who gave you a small grin and squeezed your knee.

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Waking up Michael looked to his side and thought 'fuck'...

The way that your hair cascaded over the pillow and your lips slightly parted, still a flushed pink from last night, made him want to break your peaceful sleep with a passionate kiss that would once again leave you both reeling. But every muscle in your face was relaxed and the peace had him staring for god knows how long as you dreamed. Though your “relationship” began with drunken makeout sessions at the end of every party, you and Michael had never gone all the way until last night. Funny how once you both told each other your feelings, it was as if touching each other was the most frightening thing in the world. You both took your time after that, making each exchange really matter.

But last night…wow. Nothing about it was drunken or carefree. Each move was deliberate, each gaze held, and every kiss unforgettable. Michael watched your chest rise and fall slowly as you slept and finally reached out to drag his fingertip along your smooth collarbone line. He finally could kiss and touch you like you meant the world to him, because you did. The contact woke you up jut a little, and you reached up to rub your eyes before opening them to look at your boyfriend. “Morning,” he spoke softly, hints of morning voice still creeping in. Just hearing him speak so intimately caused you to smile, and you stretched a bit before propping yourself up on your elbows and kissing the line of his jaw. “How are you feeling?”

"On top of the world, babe," you replied against the stubble, before pulling back to return his warm smile. "You?" For some reason, a twinge of fear settled in your stomach as you waited for the answer. This time really mattered to you, and all you wanted was the same.

"Like I’m the luckiest man in the world…" And with that, Michael sat up to wind his arms around you and pull your bare chests together. You let out a surprised laugh and settled against his warm skin, your cheek resting perfectly on his shoulder. "…girlfriend." You heard the silly grin in his voice as he spoke the word out loud, and had no choice but to mirror it as you looked up at the ceiling. Thank god you both had the morning off.

  • Me:so and so is very cute and he reminds me of my favorite celebrity so it makes him even better
  • Friend:oh wait so you mean he is ugly?
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:first off how dare you