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  1. El Huervo - [Hotline Miami OST(?) #13] Knock
  2. Deadmau5 - [Random Album Title CD1 #03] Slip
  3. Skrillex Feat. Sirah - [Bangarang [EP] CD1 #06] Kyoto
  4. Josh Whelchel - [Impostor Nostalgia #13] Yo Ho Ye Big Giant Chips
  5. The Clash at Demonhead - [Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World] Black Sheep
  6. Styrofoam - Runnin’ Circles
  7. Plastilina Mosh - [Aquamosh] Pornoshop
  8. Linkin Park - [LP Undergroud 4.0 #03] Standing IN THE Middle Featuring Motion MAN
  9. DANGERDOOM - [Occult Hymn #04] Korn Dogz
  10. Del the Funky Homosapien - [Both Sides of the Brain] Jaw Gymnastics
  11. murlot - [Conglomatron #19] City
  12. Tom Morrello & Chad Smith With Wu-Tang Clan - [Loud Rocks CD1 #06] Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Fuck Wit’
  13. Vanilla Ice feat. Korn - Ice Ice Baby
  14. Korn - [Follow The Leader [Japan] CD1 #17] Children Of The Korn
  15. Gorillaz - [Gorillaz CD1 #08] Sound Check (Gravity)
Diego Ciaramella - Club Designer Miami - 13-May-2015

Diego Ciaramella – Club Designer Miami – 13-May-2015

Mix Set: 01-diego_ciaramella-club_designer_miami-05-13-2015-tdmlive.mp3

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Been taking a break on this special day can you guess?!… Luckily it’s not a May Day and my thoughts heavily go out to the chaos in the world that’s actively happening right now at every moment which is why #kawaiiuniversestickers heavily strives to make the world a better place especially with #cute and #positive / #educational handmade solutions but yes its #HappyBirthday wishes to myself and who ever else has their #Bday today and #everyday of course but especially today!!! Yay #May13 #13 #thirteen I’m not unlucky stay #lucky never take like for granted!! Also if you’d like support the cause there are so many projects I would love to do for with a super good mcauses by #kawaiiuniverse it would make this day even more special you can PayPal : give[@] thanks!! #cheers #miami #miamiart #wynwood #happy #fun #friendly #rainbow #etsy

Here’s the latest episode of my comic-review podcast!  My co-host Tim was not available so I went solo with the comic reviews!  I covered Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #1, Lumberjanes #13, Miami Vice: Remix #1, and Squirrel Girl #s 2 & 3.  Check us out at, or write us an e-mail at!  Also, we’re a part of the Benview Network, so please go to to see other great podcasts!

FINAL PAYMENT for Miami Takeover due Friday May 22nd by 11:59pm. If you would like to go complete travel packages are available at Use promo code EPIC. Already planning to be in Miami July 9-13 come party with us the weekend. Party passes available at This will be EPIC. DO NOT MISS THIS EVENT. #MTO2015 #beach #funfilledweekend #fitness #giveback #smiles #Miami #parties #travel #dayparties by sole_escapetrvl

79 | Marc's Super Sexy Solo Session

 Marc was all by himself with this recording, due to Tim’s triple life events/emergencies, & Jared & Jeremiah being busy. So Marc talked about-

1. Tales of the Green Lanterns #1

2. Lumberjanes #13

3.Miami Vice Remix #1

4. Squirrel Girl #s 2 & 3

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