VECTOR Gallery is pleased to announce that Select Fair is sponsoring its participation at Select Fair Art Basel Miami this year.  

JJ Brine's Vector Gallery is a conceptual art destination in NYC's Lower East Side with its own time zone (it's 2022AD), the nexus and harbinger of the burgeoning postHuman movement, a temple unto a faith of its own tenets, an independent nation that seceded from the US a year ago today, “the next Warhol Factory” by the reckonings of Huffington Post, and the only gallery we know of that stipulates your engagement on the sale of your immortal soul. Now for the first time outside NYC Select Fair is bringing The Devil to Art Basel, where JJ Brine will operate a functional Vector portal featuring an immersive array of installations and possible sermonizing. He will be joined by The Oracle Julia Sinelnikova, a Vectorian priestess, who will contribute to the space with an oracular installation, as well as The Enforcer Lena Marquise, who will install various incarnations of herself throughout the week.

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