Family: “Independence (Sort Of)”

6/10 to Family aka The One with Domestic Hollstein
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Hollstein
Word Count: 2355

You can track the tag Carmilla FMIS for updates about the series.

You feel great starting to work again but you aren’t ashamed to admit that:

1.       Yes, you really miss Jamie. And

2.       Yes, you really miss Carmilla.

It’s hard being away from them. And without a set schedule at your job you never know for sure when you’ll get to see them. Especially with Carmilla’s job often keeping her out at odd hours now that she’s starting to take on a more serious case or two. It’s hard sometimes not having her around, you won’t pretend it isn’t. And it sucks because you’d gotten used to always being with Jamie. You were having a hard time staying away from them.

Those first few months, you’d call in every couple hours to check in to the point you’re sure it annoys them. But you couldn’t help but worry. It was what mother’s did.

You don’t usually have long nights. You’re usually home by around six at night, sometimes you have to work on different news packages for different stories, but they never kept you up too late. However Carmilla was never home later than ten. She didn’t have to go in until she wanted to really, but she was gone by nine or ten most days. There was a lot of office work from what you could tell, with her having to put her cases and arguments together with collected evidence.

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Rapmon in a nutshell

rapmon likes bucket hats. a lot. being tall and kawaii as fuck hes boyfriend material too this kid is hella responsible and hes a bloody genius he could be the reincarnation of albert einstein for all we know his english pronunciation mhmm boy u know u down for his english and his voice namjoon also ur typical tumblr chick who orders jimin around to roam around the city with him to take tumblr worthy ootds lets say ure crying and u need some advice namjoon would most probably crouch down beside u cup ur face and tell u u need lord jesus

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plus there's the fact that he is still coughing every 2 seconds. I wouldn't be very lively if I was sort of sick in a boring award show BUT THATS JUST ME

Mhmm, I understand people are disappointed about the seating plan and all but I think a lot of us are just projecting said disappointment onto the boys and thinking they were acting off - when in actuality none of their behavior stands out as particularly bizarre or uncomfortable to me?

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Tbh, Oregon is super nice,, I love it here cause it has everything! Surf? Hell yeah! Mountain climb? Mhmm! Desert activities?? You got it! U could do it all in one day if you wanted! Even if you don't end up living here, you should totally visit!! (-:

ive actually been to oregon before!!! i drove all the way through basically its like so small i loved oregon

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my url? (if you're still doing this)

my opinion on;

character in general: Let’s see, I know the ones from KagePro, Ib, Free!, and Pokemon–they are all adorable little babies. Each and every one of them and I’m sure the ones I don’t know are toO
how they play them: Honestly, I haven’t seen that many of them on my dash?? But the ones I do see are basically flawless like it’s mainly the KagePro muses that I see and they’re all absolutely perfect mhmm

the mun: aaa mun is a qt!! You seem very nice from what I’ve seen in your tags, though I’ve never really spoken to you personally. I love love love your writing, it is seriously incredible and it’s so great to see you on my dash!

do i;

follow them: Yes yes I do, and I shall continue to do so
rp with them: just recently, yeah!
want to rp with them: absolutely!! :D
ship their character with mine: uhhhHH I don’t think I do?? I had to double-check the muse list but–

what is my;

overall opinion: You were one of the veeeery first blogs I followed (when you were on bigballoffluff), actually, because even then I looked up to you! Your writing style was and still very much is something to be proud of, and the fact that you can keep a multimuse blog seriously and truly amazes me since I couldn’t do it myself h ah–I do hope we get to interact more at some point!!

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty.

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5 8 11

5. Can you commit to one person?


8. How often do you listen to music?

11. Are you a social or an antisocial person?

Little bit-a both, depends on the occasion

Well… another shit stirrer claiming I’ve said or done something to so and so. Rumours get spreaded by idiots. Mhmm… aren’t you all a happy bunch trying to make things even more worse.

Only ones making stuff awkward themselves… get over it. Better yet drop dead.

Waiting for karma to sort these twisted fucks.