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MH Scores Freaky-Fierce New Song

News of legendary proportions has just been unearthed and the MHGG wants you to be the first to know! Student bodies went absolutely wild following a last minute assembly in the vampatheater this morning. The reason behind this furrrocious behavior? Headless Headmistress Bloodgood announced earlier that the school has conjured up a brand new song. “It’s totes fangtastic,” Draculaura reported. “I’ve been playing the song on repeat!”

Listen to the creeperific new song featuring Madison Beer and learn the lyrics!

working on that timeline i started last night again, so looking through the MH wiki for details and i found this one interesting on Skull Shores’ page

The April 13, 2012, article “MHGG Exclusive: Frankie on Planning Spring Break” in the Gory Gazette implies that Andy’s old friend is Frankie’s mother. However, the article’s details don’t match the TV special’s, and the article’s details also don’t match with other details known about Frankie’s parents. In particular, the old friend does not have scars or neck bolts (which Frankie’s mother has according to Frankie’s SDCCI diary). Not to mention that Gil identifies the girl in the film as a “normie scientist”.

the link to the post:

imo, this helps me believe that Eliza is Frankie’s grandmother more so then, and that maybe the story Frank told Frankie wasn’t the truth, you know just in case she came across stuff about Skull Shores, since they were all about not telling Frankie about Victor, maybe they weren’t allowed to tell her about Eliza either?

OR maybe they DID go to Skull Shores, but the film Frank is talking about is NOT the film Gil and Lagoona saw. Victor could’ve (and probably did) tell Frank about his and Eliza’s trip to Skull Shores, so why wouldn’t Frank and Mary go there too? Nothing says Eliza ever explained what Andy was to Victor…so maybe he didn’t know and thus didn’t tell Frank either…

Long time I on’t put something in here. 

what do we have today …. 9/11
It’s sad, but … there is something that realy bothers me
that phrase “Never forget”, well here is the thing;

I know that is realy hard to but, they need to forget
I know that they try to remember those who died and sufered but
beneath it, there’s someting, there is someone to blame for it all
and that takes us to something, hate.

There are something that not every one should remember, 
those who had loved ones on those towers and in those planes should remember, all of the rest 
are, for me, hypocrites.

Why?, they only think about the death of those people, and, if that is the point of all the bullshit of this day, why don’t they stop the wars? why don’t they stop sending millions to die for their “country”? why are they taking something that hurt so many and making it into an excuse to bring war upon those who they blame and hurting millions?

Someone that has lost someone does not want someone else to die for it, they would want that lost one back. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ve seen so much from humans in so little time and still can’t belive there is more in this world than hate, madness and power. I realy hope that one day I can see everything burn, end, maybe then all the madness will be gone. Maybe that could be the perfect world. No one to live in it.

Spectra’s Blog Unearths Scandal

You could cut the tension with a cleaver in Mr. Hackington’s 1st period Mad Science lab this morning. Student bodies squirmed in their seats as each pondered how Rochelle could scare up so much drama between Deuce Gorgon and Cleo de Nile. The news of the boo d’état broke late last night on Spectra’s blog: “Gorgon drops Scream Queen and makes room in heart for Gargoyle,” read the headline that rocked monsters to their core. She was only confirming what everyone had been speculating for weeks. “Rochelle and Deuce have definitely been growing closer ever since they were paired up in Home Ick at the beginning of the scaremester,” reported Frankie Stein, “But this news is totally shocking!”

Or is it?

The Gory Gazette reported back in mid-March that something might be brewing between the creeperific friends. Did we correctly predict the end of Cleo and Deuce, Monster High’s reigning royal couple? Only time will tell.

Until then, stay tuned for up to the minute info on this late breaking story.

Photo from Suteki_Neko

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So You Scream You Can Dance?

Think you have what it takes to capture the lead solo in the upcoming MH dance recital? If you have killer dance floor moves, Mr. Where and Venus want you to bring it…to the Screamatorium! But student bodies be warned, the MHGG has it on good authority that ghouls across campus are dying to sink their claws into this creeperific part. 

Spectra’s Musings are Music to Student Bodies’ Ears

Monster High’s resident spectulator has been acting extremely mysterious as of late! The gossip ghoul was seen haunting the MH halls, or rather bumping into them, with her eyes completely glued to her iCoffin and mumbling something about song lyrics.

As any Gory Gazette reporter knows, this is a tell-tale sign that the ghoul has some juicy gossip brewing. Last week, Spectra received the break of her unlife when she met popstar Catty Noir in the fur. Known for her flashy outfits, and even flashier nine lives, Catty is quite cozy with many music industry heavy hitters.

Is it possible she scored something even more melodious than the famous Werecat’s autograph? Stay tuned as we investigate this phantastic lead.

New Ghoul in School: Catty Noir to Enroll at MH?

Pop sensation, Catty Noir, has been the meow of the town with her clawesome style and scream-sational voice. Rumor has it that this furrrocious feline may be taking a break from performing and joining the ghouls of Monster High for the upcoming year. While we’re over the moon at the prospect of a new ghoul in school, we can’t help but be curious about her change of heart since Catty has told fans that purr-forming is her passion.


Unfortunately, Headmistress Bloodgood was not available for comment at the time of publication. Stay tuned as we claw deeper into this mystery! 

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Spring v. Winter: The Eternal Debate.

According to sources, Frankie, Abbey, and Cupid took seasonal showdown to a creeperific new level today in Mr. Rotter’s class! Find out which season took top horrors in this freak-peek video obtained exclusively by the Monster High Gory Gazette.

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Creeperific New Video

Happy Summer Solstice to all of our creeperific MHGG readers! Now you can celebrate in style with this fangtastic new video. We’re deadicating this one to any readers who ever wondered whether or not the Zombie super highway was fact or freaky-fierce fiction.

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According to sources, Skelita transformed Mr. Hack’s class with her presentation on an item close to her heart. Her thrilling family hiss-tory has inspired The MHGG to ask – what is the one item you love most? Re-blog and dish the dirt, guys and ghouls!

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A Recipe for Disaster

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to know that Cleo’s latest class project is headed for disaster. After witnessing Cleo and Scarah conspiring in the halls, this MHGG reporter is convinced the two are plotting some sinister trouble for the Home Ick classroom. Will Cleo’s project be cursed to meet its inevitably dreary fate? Only time (and Mrs. Kindergrubber) will tell.

Tips for the Furrrociously Stylish Ghoul

With a stylish ghoul like Clawdeen as a big sister, I’ve found that carving out a place at Monster High can sometimes be a challenge, but by combining my easygoing attitude with some key items, I’ve started to really find my own way. As a special this week, I’ve compiled some top tips so you too can steal my style.

Howleen’s 5 Furrrocious Summer Must Haves:

Whether you want to stand out, feel confident or if you’re just looking for a few items to jazz up your wardrobe, these selections will make any occasion creeperific!

As many bracelets as you can get your claws on - the bigger and brighter, the better

A bright purse to clash fabulously with any outfit

Bright eyeliner to accentuate those fierce wolf eyes

A furrrociously patterned zip up hoodie

A clawesome halter that all your ghoulfriends want to borrow