3-Day Summer Get Away with FML.

Vanity, laughtrip, fiest parade, haggard, drama, emo shits, chill, sober, foodtrip, movie marathon, picnic, get-to-know, heart-to-heart talks, hugs and kisses, bonding and friendship, ties and tropa’s, double date.

All that into one Summer Ender.

One of the best moments in my life that I’ll never ever forget.

Thanks a lot guys! :)

tomillusoann asked:

Hi Mako! :) So I see you're finally courting my bitch. Haha. Well I'm really happy for you guys. Mahal ko yan si Kim kahit almost one year palang kami close, and ayokong nakikitang malungkot yan dahil sa lalaki. Alam kong minsan super nagiging moody and emo sya pero ganun lang talaga yan eh. Masasanay ka din, I swear! Hahaha. Sana lang totoo na talaga yung mga nararamdaman nyo sa isa't isa and you accept her for who and what she really is. Take good care of her, okay? She's worth it. ♥

Hi Ann!

I don’t even know how to properly react with this kind of message. :> So anyway, first of all I wanna thank you guys for giving me the trust and I know Its not something na basta basta nakukuha nalang,  and I’m glad I was able to earn that trust from you guys. I know how much you guys love Kim and I seriously can assure you na maaasahan niyo ako to take care of her and hinding-hindi ko siya magagawang saktan o iwan. Yes, there may be hardships, pain and obstacles but Its all natural, Its what make us stronger in the first place, right? And yes, like what I’ve told to her yesterday, I’ll never get tired of reminding her regarding those matters, particulary on how true these feelings are. Don’t you ever worry ‘cause I definitely will take care of her 'cause I know she’s worth it. She’s one of a kind. Enough of words, more of actions. 

PS: I’ve decided to publish this in my blog because Its something worth keeping. Thank you so much, Ann! :)